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Economist Job Description Template

Job Description Template

Economist Job Description Template

October 20, 2023

Economist Job Description Template

You can forget about long and dull attempts to find and hire new team members for your business. This FREE Economist Job Description Template is the first step in your hiring process and our job is to make it as quick and enjoyable as possible.

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What is an Economist?

Economists are financial experts whose main job is to analyze, study, and interpret financial, economic, political, and socioeconomic data in order to build and implement economic models, forecasts, and strategies.

They analyze current and historical market trends, examine the economic impact of laws and regulations on various markets and industries, and research and evaluate economic issues.

Economists use various mathematical models, statistical techniques, and software to conduct research and analyses and draw effective conclusions.

They also write reports and presentations on economic trends and developments, implement strategies against economic risks, and prepare economic plans.

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The Top Economist Skills

Skill Why it's important
Economic Knowledge Becoming a successful Economist involves a deep understanding of various economic branches and principles, such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, economic theory, applied economics, etc. This broad knowledge helps Economists comprehend and contribute to economy-related work and understand costs, benefits, sustainability, scarcity, and other economic principles.
Analytical Skills Strong analytical skills are fundamental for Economists because they need them to analyze, evaluate, and assess various economic patterns, trends, models, and principles. They must be able to review data, observe patterns, and draw logical conclusions. Therefore, analytical skills are essential for understanding and explaining economic events and principles.
Math Skills Math and quantitative skills are essential for Economists for various reasons. They heavily rely on their math, statistical, and econometric skills to interpret data, develop economic models, and evaluate other important matters. They should be comfortable dealing with large numbers and datasets.
Research Research is another important skill for Economists which allows them to conduct research on various topics to gather data, evaluate trends, assess economic conditions, test theories, and forecast economic activities. Effective research skills help Economists make smart economic decisions, prepare suitable reports, and contribute to the field’s work.
Communication Verbal and written communication is also essential for Economists. They must be able to convey complex information accurately and explain economic and technical information and principles understandably. Verbal communication also helps them maintain positive business relationships, while written communication ensures their reports and presentations are professional and precise.

Economist Job Description Template (Free)

We are hiring a well-educated and motivated Economist to contribute to our team. Your job as an Economist will include gathering, analyzing, and interpreting financial, political, and socioeconomic data and drawing conclusions that should help the business make proper economic decisions. You will be responsible for analyzing current and historical market trends to build economic models and forecasts, implementing statistical and econometric models for strategies, and researching economic issues.

You will also oversee and assess the impact of economic policies and regulations on various industries and markets, utilize various mathematical models, statistical techniques, and software, provide economic advice and recommendations to businesses and individuals, and write reports and presentations on economic trends and developments.

To become a successful Economist, you should have outstanding knowledge of different economic branches and concepts, along with outstanding analytical, research, math, and communication skills.

Economist Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Gather, analyze, and interpret financial, political, and socioeconomic data
  • Analyze current and historic market trends to build economic trends and forecasts
  • Develop and implement statistical and econometric models for economic forecasting and strategies
  • Provide economic advice and recommendations to businesses and individuals
  • Test and analyze the effectiveness of economic policies, products, and services
  • Research and evaluate economic issues
  • Utilize various mathematical models, statistical techniques, and software to draw conclusions
  • Write reports and presentations on economic trends and developments
  • Prepare economic plans according to market trends, financial analysis, and other factors
  • Implement strategies against economic risks and identify investment opportunities
  • Identify and propose solutions to economic problems and challenges
  • Oversee and assess the impact of economic policies and regulations on various industries and markets

Economist Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in economics, statistics, or a related field
  • Prior experience as an Economist or in another analytical or statistical role
  • The ability to research and analyze data using various statistical and analytical models and software
  • Sound knowledge of economic theory, policy, and methodology
  • Quantitative aptitude and analytical mindset
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication
  • Excellent presentation and time management skills
  • Accuracy and attention to detail

Accounting Specialist Interview Questrions

Sample Interview Questions for an Economist

Once you gather up all the received applications, you can use these sample interview questions for Economist.

  1. What five words would describe you the best?
  2. Have you always wanted to become an Economist?
  3. What other interests do you have apart from the economy?
Human Resources
  1. Could you tell us more about your college major and the general college experience?
  2. Where did you gain experience as an Economist?
  3. What industries are you the most knowledgeable about when it comes to economic concepts?
  1. What is your experience in presenting the organization to external stakeholders, such as business partners, government officials, or clients?
  2. How do you ensure non-technical team members understand complex economic information and conclusions?
  3. Have you ever made a significant error in economic analysis or forecasting? How did you overcome it?
Technical Skills and Knowledge
  1. How would you explain the difference between the nominal GPD and the real GPD?
  2. Could you provide examples of positive and normative economics?
  3. Could you walk us through your steps of conducting a cost-benefit analysis?

What are the Educational Requirements for an Economist?

A Bachelor’s degree in economics, statistics, math, finance, or a related field serves as a foundation for this role.

However, Economists usually acquire a Master’s degree or Ph.D. to pursue careers in high-level positions, such as government, academia, or teaching.

Gaining practical experience through internships or projects can be valuable for Economists.

Computer skills and the knowledge of various data analysis software and tools can also make a huge difference.

Ultimately, economics is a dynamic and constantly growing field that requires continuous learning.

In other words, it is crucial for Economists to stay updated on the latest economic trends and developments.

How Much to Pay an Economist when Hiring

Economists earn between $47,000 and $98,500 annually.

Their median annual salary is $73,779.

Hourly wages range from $24 to $47.

The median hourly wage is $35.

Percentile 10% 25% 50%
75% 90%
Hourly Wage $24 $33 $35 $33 $47
Annual Wage $47,000 $69,000 $73,779 $69,500 $98,500

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Frequently Asked Questions about Economist


What do Economists do?

Economists are financial professionals who collect, analyze, and interpret financial, political, and socioeconomic data to develop and implement statistical and econometric models, forecasts, and strategies.

They also research and evaluate economic issues and oversee the impact of economic policies and regulations on various industries and markets.

What are the different types of Economists?

Based on their specific field of work and knowledge, Economists can be:

Where do Economists work?

Economists can be employed in numerous fields and industries, such as financial institutions, international organizations, government agencies, insurance and accounting firms, development services, etc.

What are the fundamental skills of Economists?

First and foremost, Economists must be knowledgeable about various economic topics and concepts.

They also should have exceptional analytical, research, communication, attention to detail, and math skills.

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