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Controller Job Description Template

Job Description Template

Controller Job Description Template

June 6, 2022

Controller Job Description Template

The Hiring process is up and running and are you looking for someone to join your team and contribute to your ideas? No worries. As you proceed through the hiring process, VIVAHR has provided detailed guidelines for you to follow. This FREE Controller Job Description Template has everything you’ll need to know about the position.

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What is a Controller?

Controllers work for businesses to ensure that financial records are kept up to date and correct for future reference.

They collaborate with higher management to identify cost-cutting opportunities and obligations that must be paid off before the end of the year.

It is their responsibility to verify that their organization follows financial regulations.

They also examine financial accounts to gauge the financial health of their company and take appropriate action.

They may also be in charge of keeping track of payroll paperwork to guarantee that employees are paid the right amount each pay period.

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The Top Controller  Skills

Skill Why it's important
Customer Service Customer service skills are used by controllers to manage relationships with suppliers, clients, and vendors. The sort of firm for which they work can also influence how they employ these abilities. A professional who works as a controller for a supply firm, for example, may phone other businesses to promote their employer's products. Customer service abilities are also required of controllers, such as answering phones and managing client issues.
Communication Controllers need communication skills to manage internal supply orders, respond to phone calls and emails, and communicate with clients and coworkers. Controllers frequently engage with other departments within the firm, such as finance, therefore developing verbal and written communication skills, as well as active listening, is helpful. Improved communication skills can also help you improve other talents, such as interpersonal skills.
Inventory Management The capacity to keep track of supply levels is referred to as management. Controllers employ this ability to determine when extra supplies are needed and minimize overstocking. They may also use this talent to assist control their budget by finding new methods to employ old material.
Logistics This position necessitates a thorough understanding of warehouse logistics. Maintaining stock and vendor connections is critical to a company's continued operation. A controller can assess what supplies employees use and demand in their department by understanding the logistics of each department.
Budgeting The capacity to function within budgetary limits is referred to as budgeting. When ordering stock, controllers use a budget. This might necessitate basic arithmetic abilities in order to calculate item costs and determine a monthly or weekly budget in order to have a well-stocked inventory.

Controller Job Description Template (Free)

We’re seeking a Controller to help us set accounting standards and handle all of our company’s financial operations. Do you enjoy working in the financial sector? We’re searching for a seasoned controller who will be accountable for the organization’s financial management accuracy and timeliness. Accounting activities, the compilation of periodic financial reports, and the maintenance of accounting records will be the responsibility of the selected candidate.

If this sounds like something you would like to experience, join our thriving company and enrich your working experience by being a part of our motivated team. You will have an opportunity to learn, grow and contribute to the company’s goals and enjoy our company culture. So, don’t wait! Apply Today!

Controller Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Developing internal control standards, rules, and procedures for budget accounting, cash and credit management, administration, and other tasks.
  • Coordinating and directing budgeting, procurement, investment activities, and financial planning.
  • Ensuring that state and federal regulatory obligations, as well as professional standards, are met.
  • Working with the accounting department to establish and manage financial controls.
  • Preparing and presenting financial reports and risk analyses.
  • Completing budgeting and forecasting.
  • Establishing, monitoring, and enforcing policies and procedures to guide financial choices.
  • Supporting management, especially in terms of commercial and financial problems.
  • Creating financial reports to assist senior management in understanding the company’s financials.
  • Being in charge of the general ledger of the firm.

Controller Requirements:

  • Work experience in accounting or a related subject is required.
  • Knowledge of the appropriate laws and regulations.
  • Economic principles, financial markets, and banking are all concepts that must be grasped.
  • Financial data analysis and reporting are well-understood.
  • Payroll, accounts payable, and accounts receivable functions are all functions that you should be familiar with.
  • Strong organizational and prioritization abilities, as well as the ability to provide high-quality work under short deadlines.
  • Proven financial project management experience.
  • Advanced computer abilities, particularly in the area of Excel.
  • Must be able to translate financial data into understandable business language for individuals at all levels.
  • Understanding of federal tax and reporting regulations.
  • Extensive finance knowledge.

Accounting Specialist Interview Questrions

Sample Interview Questions for a Controller

Use these Controller interview questions as a guide after you’ve collected all of the applications. These questions will help you narrow down your selections and choose the best candidate during the rest of the recruiting process and make sure you are keeping all the right qualities in mind.

  1. Which aspects of being a controller do you find the most enjoyable, and why?
  2. What do you think the most important talents and abilities are for working as a controller in the financial sector?
  3. How would you best describe your talents as a controller, and why do you believe these qualities make you the greatest fit for this position?
Human Resources
  1. What should you do if you have a challenging coworker that isn’t contributing to the team’s productivity?
  2. Describe an instance when you learned a new financial methodology or strategy and put it into practice.
  3. Describe the most difficult or hard financial project you’ve worked on.
  1. When it comes to auditing financial records, how do you go about it?
  2. What process do you follow when you get personal financial information and want to keep it private?
  3. What accounting and financial reporting software do you have experience with?
Technical Skills and Knowledge
  1. Describe an instance when you learned a new financial methodology or strategy and put it into practice.
  2. Describe the most difficult or hard financial project you’ve worked on.
  3. What’s your approach to explaining and clarifying a complicated financial report to someone who doesn’t comprehend it?

What are the Educational Requirements for a Controller?

This employment requires a bachelor’s degree in economics, business administration, accounting, or finance as a minimum educational prerequisite.

Some controllers have a master’s degree in a relevant discipline, which allows them to hone their analytical abilities even further.

How Much To Pay a Controller When Hiring

Controllers usually earn between $40,500 and $128,000 per year, and their median annual salary is around $93,108.

The hourly wages range from $21 to $62, and the median hourly pay is $45.

Percentile 10% 25% 50%
75% 90%
Hourly Wage $21 $36 $45 $52 $62
Annual Wage $40,500 $75,000 $93,108 $107,500 $128,000

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Frequently Asked Questions about a Controller


What is the difference between a Finance Director and a Controller?

Controllers and finance directors work at the same level in a company, and the two positions are occasionally used interchangeably.

There are a few methods to tell the difference between a Controller and a Finance Director, though.

Controllers, for example, are usually responsible for financial reporting and correct documentation of financial data such as payroll, tax forms, balance sheets, and income statements.

Finance Directors, on the other hand, are focused on formulating long-term financial strategies based on the company’s existing financial situation.

It’s worth noting that controllers and finance directors both give financial information and serve as members of high management, overseeing the finance and accounting teams at lower levels.

What are the responsibilities of a Controller on a daily basis?

A Controller’s usual day begins with checking their email and voicemail in order to reply to time-sensitive messages from the CFO and Accounting or Finance Managers.

They evaluate current financial data such as balance sheets, tax forms, income statements, accounts receivable, and payable to contribute to financial reports throughout the day.

Controllers also attend meetings with the Accounting and Finance teams to discuss the implementation of new financial accounting standards.

They’re also in charge of organizing and storing financial documents for further inspection.

What characteristics distinguish an excellent Controller?

A competent controller has substantial experience as an accountant, financial planner, finance manager, or accounting manager in the finance field.

Their expertise in these positions enables them to efficiently manage a corporation’s financial reporting and accounting activities.

To transmit information between lower-level firm employees and upper-level management authorities, they must have great verbal and writing communication skills.

Controllers should also have an ethical perspective that drives them to examine financial documentation and point out fraud.

To whom does a Controller answer?

A Controller often reports to a corporation’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to explain financial reporting requirements or budgeting constraints.

Controllers are often given information by Chief Financial Officers to communicate to lower levels of management.

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