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Bench Review

Bench Review

Monday, August 9th, 2021

Review of Bench Software

Review of Bench, including Highlights, Limitations, and FAQs

Bench Accounting is an online bookkeeping service for small businesses. It’s no secret every small company owner needs assistance when it comes to finances. That’s where Bench kicks in, as it’s not enough to only have payroll assistance. This software can take care of your transactions, adjust the bank accounts and organize financial reports instead of you.

Bench keeps data tax-ready monthly, and you can also chat with team members through its app. At the end of the year, this software provides all the details for the tax arranging. Bench seems like a handy tool for freelancers or small businesses, as it’s time-saving. Read on and find more about this trendy software.


Bench offers two pricing plans, with payment options monthly and annually. So, take a look at a more detailed pricing review.

Essential$299 monthly, $249 annually


Premium$499 monthly, $399 annually


There is also an option to add Historical bookkeeping or Specialized bookkeeping to mentioned Bench plans. Here are the prices for these services.


Bench Accounting is an online software for bookkeeping. It helps small companies manage their finances and taxes monthly. Bench provides you to sync your bank account, credit card, and merchant processors to your Bench account. When signing up for some of the plans, you will get a personal bookkeeping team made from real people. Three Bench employees will help you with transactions, bank account, and financial reports every month for 15 business days. After every finished bookkeeping month, you will be notified. Every user can review all the financial records and account info online.

Bench offers customer support within an in-app message system. That way, users can quickly contact their bookkeeping team. A great thing is that Bench collaborates with Gusto, a payroll software. So, you can have a complete package for your bookkeeping and finances.


  • Time-saving
  • Working with licensed bookkeeping professionals
  • No-penalty policy – if the bookkeeper makes an error, you do not pay for it


  • Companies in need of ERP, CRM might find it limited
  • There is a chance of losing a bookkeeper if they leave Bench
  • Some users reported issues with customization and categorization


Bench got 4.78/5 stars on Software Advice, 4.8/5 stars on Capterra, and 4.6/5 stars on G2. With an almost excellent rating, this software seems to be liked by many users. There are a lot of positive reviews about Bench, and users mainly have positive reactions.

Bench Review
Bench Review
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Redline Electric & Solar
Bench Review

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range for Bench monthly plans?

The price range for Bench plans goes from $299 monthly for the Essential and $499 monthly for the Premium plan. But there are also annual billing options for these plans. The Essential is $249 annually, while the Premium price is $399. There are also add-on options for both of these packages. Historical bookkeeping starts at $299 monthly, while Specialized bookkeeping starts at $100 monthly.

What type of industries is Bench best for?

When it comes to industries, Bench is software for small-sized companies. It provides much-needed bookkeeping support for various industry fields. With excellent support from bookkeepers, every small business can enjoy simple finance and tax management.

What is the difference between Bench and other bookkeeping software?

This software allows much more than access to the bookkeeping platform. Small businesses will get assistance from real people. The Bench team of bookkeepers takes monthly care of its users.

Is there an option for tax filing with Bench?

Yes. The Premium plan offers tax fillings for personal federal and state income. There is also an option for S-Corps, C-Corps, and Partnerships. You could try with an add-on for personal filing. This option is for one shareholder, and it costs $36 monthly billed annually, or $45 monthly, billed monthly.

Is Bench an ATS?

No. Bench is a bookkeeping service that helps you organize your company finances and books. But, before you come to the bookkeeping stage, you need to opt for the ATS.

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