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Sales & Support: +1 (480) 360-6463
Vivahr Integration With Zapier

VIVAHR Integration with Zapier

Friday, September 14th, 2018

Zapier 101 – What it is, and how to use it


What is Zapier?

Zapier is a tool to increase efficiency by connecting multiple apps together through a single location.  This tool does not require programming knowledge or find yourself waiting on developers to integrate VIVAHR with common tools you’re already using.  Tasks, also known as Zaps allow you to move information between different applications automatically to help you save time and increase efficiency.


Popular things to do with VIVAHR and Zapier

VIVAHR users benefit the most from the following automations.  For your convenience, click on Use this Zap below to quickly implement with a step by step guide:



How to connect VIVAHR to Zapier

To connect your VIVAHR account to Zapier, you’ll first need to find your API key inside your VIVAHR account, which lives here.

Vivahr Zapier Integrations

In Zapier, look in the navigation bar for connected accounts.



From here, you can connect your VIVAHR account to Zapier by inserting your API key.

Vivahr Zapier Api

Once connected, your VIVAHR account will be available in Zapier, and you can easily select it from Zapier’s account drop downs.


When creating your first Zap, you can choose to have applicants from all jobs or specific jobs complete different actions.

Vivahr Zapier Job Posting


This example we are selecting all new applicants who apply to our sales position, alert our sales channel in Slack.

Vivahr Ats Zapier