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HR Blogs

Thursday, August 16th, 2018

HR Blogs

There are more HR blogs than there are HR professionals…just kidding, but it seriously feels that way. Every vendor, startup, and agency want to have the best HR blog to entice you to click into their website. So we took the liberty to scan through some of the top HR blogs and give you some advice on what content, blog, and resources are the best for human resource professionals.

A little background on our HR blog research. As we scanned through our spreadsheet of every HR blog our interns could find, we wanted to filter everything by age. Unfortunately, any HR blogs without one year of quality content, we threw out.  They may make a bigger and better HR blog list next year, but for now we kept them out of the running. We also took into consideration how many voices the HR blog had. Was this a solo author with one perspective, or did they have HR professional guest blogs? We added some weight to content coming from a variety of HR voices.

Lastly, we know there are many niche and focus verticals in HR. We did not prioritize a HR Benefits focus blog over an HR Recruiting blog; we kept them the same.

The Best HR Blogs 2018/2019

  1. Workology

    • HR Blogs Workology LogoStarted in 2007 as Blogging4Jobs. Jessica Miller-Merrell set out to tell her story of life in HR and recruiting. She found that when she was bold, honest, and gave insightful commentary, she could add value to her peers. Workology offers guest blogging and has one the highest rated HR podcasts with some of the best HR leaders available.
  2. HR Bartender

    • Best HR Blogs HR Bartender LogoThis HR blog was started by Sharlyn Lauby. Her background in HR led her to become a consultant and creating a website to discuss workplace issues was the foundation for HR Bartender. Her content is updated several times per week and has a very in-depth variety of HR related issues.
  3. Evil HR Lady

    • HR Blog Evil HR LadySuzanne Lucas has a truly engaging blog with a direct voice on demystifying what happens in HR. Her blog has the candor most HR professionals love to see. Her website is updated daily and many of the posts are three minute reads. Suzanne lives in Switzerland and by the time we wake up in the US, she has a fresh new post to help us energize our day and keep our HR profession in check.
  4. HR Hero

    • HR Blogs HR Hero LogoThis is an HR vendor with a wealth of free resources to HR professions. Some of our favorites include their free HR calculators.  Look at your turnover rate, cost per hire, and performance appraisal calculator. The focus of HR Hero is in HR legal and compliance. Many HR professionals operate on legal egg shells not knowing what the latest rules and regulations are. This blog and website as w whole is a great resource to bookmark and refer back to on the regular.
  5. Undercover Recruiter

    • Best HR Blogs Undercover Recruiter LogoFor those new into the recruiting world, the content on Undercover Recruiter is fantastic. There are literally thousands of articles that cover recruiting topics from A to Z.  Some of our favorite pieces of content were the simple things we forget to discuss during recruiting and interviewing, such as company culture, laughter, and happiness scores. Not all of their content is organic, however, the sponsored and paid content is just as high of quality as any other piece. They have done a nice job of providing value to their readers in every piece of content.
  6. Work Matters Blog

    • Top Rated HR Blog Work Matters LogoIf you’ve cruised through the business section at any book store looking for a good HR book, chances are you’ve seen Bob Sutton’s work. Bob is a professional author and speaker on all things leadership, office politics, and what not to say 🙂 Although this HR blog is primarily written by Bob, he has contributing authors who dive into the deepest issues surrounding office life. Each article provides data to support ideas and claims; a no nonsense approach to managing and leading.
  7. HR Zone

    • Hr Blogs Hr Zone LogoThis HR blog has the feel of a more media driven platform that happens to focus on HR related topics. HR Zone is really well done with a great content perspective. They cover issues related to HR technology, leadership, talent management, diversity, benefits, and training. The content is written by HR leaders, consultants, and industry commentators.
  8. Fistful of Talent

    • Hr Blogs Fistful Of Talent LogoWith daily posts coming from some of the biggest HR influencers, this blog is a must to bookmark and visit as often as possible. The contributors to this HR blog discuss most HR topics but tend to lean heavier on recruiting and hiring.  Their content has loads of humor and real life examples and studies. Often referring to their blog as FOT, it was founded by Kris Dunn (KD) in 2007.
  9. HR Ringleader

    • Hr Blog TrishTrish McFarlane is the author of HR Ringleader and the recipient to many accolades and honors in HR content. Her blog sees new content 2-3x per month and provides regular updates on her HR Happy Hour podcast with co-host, Steve Boese. Many of the topics on her blog range in performance management, talent acquisition, training and development, and change management.
  10. EveryDay People – Steve Browne

    • HR Blog Steve BrowneIt’s hard to imagine finding anyone in the HR space more passionate and excited to share insights, lessons learned, and leading a tribe of HR leaders than Steve Browne. This blog is Steve’s personal journey through HR leadership and life. He draws off of many personal experiences. Many of his posts turn experiences into reminders and motivation on how to be the best version of yourself. We love his intentional way of wanting to lift up everyone around him.





Bonus content 🙂

What are the best HR Podcasts

HR is an ever-evolving industry that is causing many human resource professionals to digest content in different ways.  The technology in HR is moving at a rapid pace, but equally, legal and compliance have had many new moving parts.  As we look to sharpen our understanding of HR, we wanted to note out the best HR podcasts to help you on the go.

Hiring on All Cylinders

Weekly episodes to discuss hiring through all the elements of recruitment, technology, interviews and even job offers. Great insight on the new generational challenges and how to overcome them.

HR Happy Hour

Run by Trish McFarlane and Steve Boese as they discuss broad topics in human resources, leadership, workforce, retention and technology.

Honest HR

This is a recurring podcast brought to you by SHRM.  The hosts (Deanna and Callie) are a fantastic duo who bring in many insights.  They discuss a wide range of topics in HR.  As they say in their show description “no topic is off-limits.”

Monster Hiring Podcast

Showcase of best practice in hiring, managing, leading and motivating your team.  With tremendous insight in recruiting and advertising your open positions.  Listen here

Recruiting Daily

It’s been almost a year since their newest podcast episode (this may have changed by the time you’re reading this) but their content is very good.  Many great insights from HR pros who have been there, done that in recruiting.  Listen here