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The Best Hr Software For Small Business

The Best HR Software For Small Business

Monday, August 24th, 2020

Do you need to find the top HR software for your small business to help your HR team consolidate new employees’ information, create data reports, and optimize HR goals? No matter your need for HR software, we have collected the top HR software solutions and provide you additional information to review in the process of choosing the right HR software for your small business.

The Best HR Software for Small Businesses

Along with the information about the most recognized HR software, the expert advice in this guide gives you the tools to better understand the advantages, risks, features, pricing, and the best methods to use the HR software to the fullest. We anticipate this knowledge will help your small business find the ideal HR software and find success in using a new HR software.

Top HR software

We researched a multitude of HR solutions; this list captures the best HR software for small businesses


A HR software providing small businesses a dedicated remote HR manager assisting them compliant policies, employee onboarding &terminations, and other HR operational issues. Bambee performs a full internal HR Audit of a company, finds serious stakes, and drafts an HR plan for the business. It’s a small monthly fee to get a certified HR manager for a small business.

Bambee HR Software







BambooHR is a cloud-based HR system for small and growing business providing features for applicant tracking system, payroll, benefits management, time tracking, and much more. In addition to the main tools, this system provides hiring and performance measures covering across the employee’s lifecycle.

                                                                                                                                                              BambooHR HR Software for small businesses






Effortless HR

From startups to medium size companies, this software supplies the HR tools to help with employee management. Effortless HR is a web-based system allowing employers to manage their employees work hours, PTO, new hires, benefits, and more.

EffortlessHR HR software for small businesses






Factorial HR

Used by over 60,000 companies, Factorial HR offers small to medium sized business time effective tools for employee management like onboarding, time tracking, payroll, time off, and documentations. A Great HR solution to help businesses dedicate more time to their business.

Factorial HR Software for small businesses







GoCo is another cloud-based human resource software designed for small business to give solutions for payroll and employee benefits. This software has a high rating for ease-of-use and gives users the ability to perform the hiring process from start to finish at a one stop portal.

GoCo HR Software for small businesses






Gusto is a platform helping all small businesses handle any of their HR functions. With over 100,000 employers using this HR software, find the system to be compliant and lessens their time dealing payroll management for all employees.

Gusto HR Software for small businesses







Namely is a web-based service solution for midsize and growing businesses concentrating HR structure and management. The platform is ideal for businesses wanting a software to minimize their HR workload through automations and integrations providing a promising ROI for strained HR teams.

Namely HR Software for small businesses







Minimize the standard, paper-based procedures related with expense reimbursement for employee’s with Paycom. This platform is a single application software allowing businesses to automate and simplify the processes of payroll and HR without compromising strict standards of data protection.

Paycom HR Software for small businesses







Yes of course, we had to mention our HR software. VIVAHR was created to help small businesses and provide HR solutions. Our software is a modernized applicate tracking system full of tools to help small business hiring like a Rockstar.

VIVAHR HR Software for small businesses







Zenefits software is specifically created for small to midsize businesses with a diverse range of solutions for new hires, benefits, payroll, performance, and termination deflecting the endless HR paper trail. This service offers the largest and most intuitive human resources experience on the market.

Zenefits HR Software for small businesses






Zoho People

Zoho People is an optimized HR Software for various sized companies designed to meet a wide range of HR needs. With the ability to engage, maintain, and appreciate qualified individuals, Zoho People allows user to customize their HR programs easier from a central location.

Zoho People HR Software for small businesses







Advantages of HR Software

Why? Most likely, your first thoughts of investing in a human resource management system (HRMS) or Human Resource Information System, or (HRIS). As you actively maintain your small business operations, you may have reached the point where you view an HRMS crucial to your company’s success. Overall, your growth has made it hard to manage employee-related protocols and data without professional relief. Luckily, over the past decade or so, we have seen the tools for HR software offer far more benefits in efficiently revolutionizing a company’s human recourse obstacles. Here is a breakdown of the advantages of opting for an HR software to give you support in your investment decision.


Risks of HR Software

What is an acceptable guide without explaining the risks to be aware of when investing into an HR software? Having the knowledge of what not to do, what to look for, and other common mistakes grants you the ability to receive the best return on your investment. To ensure that you don’t go down the wrong path, the directions we give will aid you getting to your target decision on choosing the right HRIS for your small business.



Primary Features of HR software

When searching for the right HR software for your small business, you want to know precisely the features that come preinstalled. However, you may need to take time to assess what features you need that best align with your business operations. Having a central idea of what HR goals or changes you plan to achieve will ultimately provide your business with the most out of your HRMS investment.


Understanding HR software Pricing

As with any type of purchase for your business, you must know what you will be paying. You have seen all the excellent reasons to invest in an HR software for your small business, along with knowing the risk, now you need to understand how HR software is priced. There are several ways in which HR software solutions tend to price their product.  Much of the pricing of an HR software usually relates to the number of employees for each month. Plus, of course, the price will depend on the type of features associated with the HR software. Review the prices ranges below, so you know what kinds of pricing structures to keep in mind in your HR software search.

Analyzing the HR Software Demo

Most HR software solutions offer users the option to review their system through a Demo. These demos are an excellent opportunity to see the software in action and provide users the ability to examine if the system offers the advantages they are searching to purchase. While engaging in the HRMS demo, it’s essential to draft some questions to consider during the review. Listed below are some questions for you to have when you start the HR software demo.

How easy does the system integrate with other systems?

What kind of ongoing tech support is available?

How secure is the software for employee data?

Does the system work with your company benefit provider?

Are employees allowed to have a self-portal?

What compliance solutions are available?

What sorts of training for your whole HR team is available for the software?

What reporting is available?

Does the system have mobile accessibility?

What kinds of communication features are available?

What occurs to your information during a software update?

Are there customization or configuration capabilities at an additional fee?

Best Methods to Leverage an HR Software

With all the information in this guide, you should feel confident in your research process and what kind of software will meet your small business HR demands. Here is more helpful information to get the most out of your HRMS choice.

Closing Points

We hope the information in this guide becomes useful for you to help find and select an HR software for your small business. Just remember to consider your business structure, HR goals, and how the design of each HRIS can make the most out of your investment. One last tip is to choose a few different HR software solutions that meet your price range, demand, and come with features you want to improve your HR department. Take time to discover which of your top choices can meet your expectations. Overall, an HR Software investment is a purchase that can improve employee performance and productivity and allow all departments of a business to build positive relationships.