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Sales & Support: +1 (480) 360-6463
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Oral Surgeon Job Boards
  • With one click, your job will be posted to 50+ job boards and search engines.
  • You’ll get applicants without paying per click or per job. The biggest companies leverage organic publishing to get more applicants for each job, so we brought that same technology for Oral Surgeon practices to compete for top talent.
  • Track your candidates with notes, tagging, and status notifications.
  • Create custom scorecards, rate candidates, and track important details as you manage incoming applications.
  • Collaborate with your hiring team to move candidates through your customized hiring process.
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Step 1

Oral Surgeon Hiring Software

“VIVAHR has given my oral surgeon practice a personality. I was able to create my Culture Profile, which has helped me in several ways. First, it has given me more engagement for my job postings. It's been so simple and easy to use, and it's transforming the way I'm connecting with job seekers.”

Peter B.

Fresno, CA

Create Your Culture Profile
Build Your Job Posting

Step 2

Oral Surgeon Hiring Software

“I can’t believe how easy it was to post jobs on my VIVAHR account! I built job listings and posted them to all the major job boards in about 30 minutes. I liked how I could track each applicant source and see what was working. Most importantly, I knew what wasn’t working.”

Ernestine F.

Atlanta, GA

Step 3

Oral Surgeon Hiring Software

“VIVAHR is such a great oral surgeon practice recruiting platform. I was always looking for work, and it was tough going. I had to do everything by myself, which made the process slow. Their ATS is the best at screening potential candidates, and their team collaboration tools make it easy. It's so much better than it used to be. Now, the hiring process is streamlined, straightforward, and fast! They're the best out there in their field.”

Betty A.

Raleigh, NC

Attract Top Oral Surgeon Candidates
Manage Oral Surgeon Candidates

Step 4

Oral Surgeon Hiring Software

“With VIVAHR, I can find the best candidate in no time! It's been beneficial because before they came along, my hiring process was always too long and didn't get the job done - thankfully, that doesn't happen anymore. I love how easy it is with VIVAHR to keep track of who I've communicated with and the information I have on them. It makes the hiring process much less time-consuming, which is really helpful when you're managing an oral surgeon practice.”

Antoinette B.

Omaha, NE

Oral Surgeon

Billing Specialist

Oral Surgery Scheduler

Patient Scheduler

Oral Surgical Assistant

Patient Coordinator

Front Office Assistant

Oral Surgery Administrative Assistant

Attract Amp Hire Critical Oral Surgeon Roles
Team Collaboration
Custom Scorecards
Bulk Communication
Rich Candidate Profiles
Responsive Support
Frequently Asked Questions About Vivahr

Based on the VIVAHR plan you choose, you can post up to an unlimited amount of jobs. With each account, you're also able to create internal-only job offerings.

VIVAHR was built with the intent to be the perfect out-of-the-box hiring solution. Every new account will get a 30-min success call. You'll be ready to post your first job and start managing candidates at the end of this call.

No. You will only incur additional costs from posting on premium job boards; there are no additional costs for posting jobs within the system.

VIVAHR has a robust mobile experience. It is primarily used through your computer or tablet but built with care for those who need to use VIVAHR on the go.

The number of users within your account is based on the plan you're on. Each account can use the Share Candidate feature to share an unlimited number of applicants.

Yes, we will help you import your files. We will work with you to properly name all the fields to match up exactly into VIVAHR to avoid losing any data. There is no additional fee for this service.

VIVAHR has one of the best APIs in the ATS market, and we have native integrations with Zapier. If you need anything customized, we have a full tech team dedicated to helping you leverage our API to automate and integrate into any tool.

Helping you hire is our favorite. All plans include in-app and email support. If you are a paid account, you'll receive a dedicated account manager working through all your hiring needs with VIVAHR. We also have an online knowledge base and training videos.

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