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Sales & Support: +1 (480) 360-6463
Oral Surgeon Hiring Software

Oral Surgeon Hiring Software

VIVAHR is the only Oral Surgeon practice hiring solution on the market that provides your HR team with a turnkey solution to put them at ease, empowering their recruitment marketing efforts.

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Oral Surgeon Hiring Software

The top 10% of oral surgeon practices hire with VIVAHR

If you want to grow your oral surgeon practice, you must hire the best talent available. At VIVAHR, we are committed to helping you find only the most qualified employees to keep your customers happy and satisfied.

VIVAHR makes it easy to post your jobs

  • With one click, your job will be posted to 50+ job boards and search engines.
  • You’ll get applicants without paying per click or per job. The biggest companies leverage organic publishing to get more applicants for each job, so we brought that same technology for oral surgeon practices to compete for top talent.
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Oral Surgeon Hiring Software

Keep your top candidates organized

  • Track your candidates with notes, tagging, and status notifications.
  • Create custom scorecards, rate candidates, and track important details as you manage incoming applications.
  • Collaborate with your hiring team to move candidates through your customized hiring process.
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Oral Surgeon Hiring Software

Simple, affordable hiring software.
See why top oral surgeon practices trust VIVAHR for their hiring.

The simplest way to hire for oral surgeon practices

VIVAHR is loaded with features to simplify your hiring process. Easily review applicant insights for each unique job posting.

Oral Surgeon Hiring Software

Post Jobs

Publish your job to 50+ job sites. We work with top job boards like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and LinkedIn to increase your job’s visibility. Plus, each job has a unique URL to easily share on social sites or local portals. Get real insights into which publisher is getting you the best hires.

Manage Candidates

VIVAHR helps you keep in touch with existing and previous candidates, improving your hiring reputation and conversion rates. This is a truly modern ATS that will simplify how you manage and communicate with candidates. Never miss great hires again because you lost them in the pipeline!


Create culture profiles for every position you want to fill. Developing a “hiring brand” reputation is important for attracting A-players. Plus, leveraging your culture profile creates an emotional connection with applicants, which studies have shown is important to the modern candidate.


VIVAHR has tools to automate the hiring process, report to your entire team, and increase hiring efficiency at your company. Collaborate with your team to track candidates, submit ratings, take notes, and send follow-up communication. Streamline your application process!

Oral Surgeon Hiring Software

The #1 Hiring Software for SMBs

But don’t just take our word for it. Over 500 customers gave VIVAHR 5 stars.


Customers trust VIVAHR.


Satisfaction rate comes from our awesome customers.


Average customer ratings we have got all over internet.

2023 Fall High Performer

How does VIVAHR work for oral surgeon practices?

Posting your job has never been easier!

Create your culture profile

Candidates want to feel emotionally connected to their next employer. VIVAHR lets you tell your company story so candidates know who you are, what you do, and why you do it. This is the time to showcase what makes your oral surgeon practice awesome!

Oral Surgeon Hiring Software

“VIVAHR has given my oral surgeon practice a personality. I was able to create my Culture Profile, which has helped me in several ways. First, it has given me more engagement for my job postings. It’s been so simple and easy to use, and it’s transforming the way I’m connecting with job seekers.”

Peter B.
Fresno, CA

Oral Surgeon Hiring Software

Build your job posting

Once you’ve created your Culture Profile, it’s time to build your job. You can create a job posting from scratch or follow any of our free templates. Choose your hiring details, load in your job description, and with one click, your job is automatically posted to 50+ job boards and search engines.

Oral Surgeon Hiring Software

“I can’t believe how easy it was to post jobs on my VIVAHR account! I built job listings and posted them to all the major job boards in about 30 minutes. I liked how I could track each applicant source and see what was working. Most importantly, I knew what wasn’t working.”

Ernestine F.
Atlanta, GA

Oral Surgeon Hiring Software

Attract top medical candidates

VIVAHR leverages organic search to help you attract more candidates. Candidates who see your job posting will be taken to your Culture Profile, where they can engage with your brand and easily apply. A compelling Culture Story will bring in applicants that connect with your oral surgeon practice and mission!

Oral Surgeon Hiring Software

“VIVAHR is such a great oral surgeon practice recruiting platform. I was always looking for work, and it was tough going. I had to do everything by myself, which made the process slow. Their ATS is the best at screening potential candidates, and their team collaboration tools make it easy.They’re the best out there in their field.”

Betty A.
Raleigh, NC

Oral Surgeon Hiring Software

Manage candidates and hire the best!

VIVAHR manages applications as they come in. Rank qualified candidates, take notes, and collaborate with your hiring team to select the best candidates. VIVAHR also allows you to send automated follow-up communication so you can stay in touch with applicants at all phases of the hiring process.

Oral Surgeon Hiring Software

“With VIVAHR, I can find the best candidate in no time! It’s been beneficial because before they came along, my hiring process was always too long and didn’t get the job done – thankfully, that doesn’t happen anymore. I love how easy it is with VIVAHR to keep track of who I’ve communicated with and the information I have on them. It makes the hiring process much less time-consuming, which is really helpful when you’re managing an oral surgeon practice.”

Antoinette B.
Omaha, NE

Oral Surgeon Hiring Software

Everything you need in one place

98% of Capterra reviewers recommend VIVAHR to a colleague

“The easiest applicant tracking system out there!”

“Very Helpful Hiring Tool For Growing Company”

“Extremely helpful in organizing our flow of candidates.”

Let’s grow together

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