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Job Requisition Form Template

Job Requisition Form Template

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

A manager filling out a job requisition form

What is a job requisition?

A requisition describes and documents the qualifications needed by an employee on a particular project, team, or company. It typically includes a list of required skills and the type of employment commitment required, such as full-time or part-time involvement with the organization. The term “requisition” refers to any objective that needs to be fulfilled, not just jobs or positions in general.

A job requisition is the first step in hiring for a company. It provides recruiters and managers with information about why this role needs to be filled and other crucial data like salary ranges or education requirements to help decide who would best fit into their team. This document can serve your postings on open positions online and any recruiting you to do face-to-face by providing essential details they need upfront when looking at potential candidates.

The difference between job requisition, job description, and job posting

Job Requisitions

A job requisition is a formal, written request for a position. It’s the first step in developing your hiring needs and one of the most essential documents you’ll need to fill the role.

Job Descriptions

A job description is a document that provides the required skills, role in the team, personality, and capabilities of an ideal candidate. A recruiter usually writes this document based on input from other sources, such as recruitment intake forms, to create what will eventually become a draft for posting to potential candidates.

Job Posting

The job posting speaks to candidates in a friendly yet professional tone. The recruiter’s responsibility is to attract talent and engage potential employees by presenting an enticing offer for employment with their company.

Job Requisition

Job Description

Job Posting










State the need for the job

Explain the job

Sell the job


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Short but effective

The Key Components of a Job Requisition Form Download Job Requisition Form Template

A job requisition form is a document that should be used when requesting employees for a role in your company. The following are some requirements and guidelines for the form.

Position title
The title of the role is the proposed title for the new position. The final title will be determined during the recruitment process.

The name of the department, project, or team the new hire will be on.

Hiring manager
The name of the hiring manager that is requesting the job requisition.

Purpose of the position role
This is how the job description states that the role is intended to be completed.

Requisition reason
The role could be new, or the person leaving the role can be transferred, transitioned, relocated, or promoted to another job within the company, to a different department or location. The former employee could also be taking a leave of absence.

Salary range and benefits
This indicates the approximate salary range for this position. It’s essential to have a clear picture of the total compensation package offered to a candidate before making an offer.

Job starting date
This is the suggested starting date for the role.

Duration of the new role
The duration of the contract is either permanent or temporary. In the case of an interim agreement, it should be stated exactly when the contract ends.

Contract type
The type of contract you have is either an employee or a contractor. Typically, contractors are used when a company wants to hire for a specific project that will last a short while. Contractors are also frequently used for large-scale projects where the number of employees is small.

Required Qualifications
Some businesses may seek candidates with specific qualifications as part of the job description. For example, some organizations may seek a candidate that has a college degree or a certain amount of work experience.

Frequently, there is also the question of whether or not there will be funding for the role. A company will often approve a job requisition if they feel there will be funding. However, if the company thinks that there isn’t enough money, a more rigorous analysis of whether or not the role is needed will be performed.

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Job Requisition Form Template
Job Requisition Form Template
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Job Requisition Form Template

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