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Java Developer Job Description Template

Java Developer Job Description Template

Monday, July 12th, 2021

Java Developer Job Description

A career as a Java Developer is dynamic and intellectually challenging. Java Developers are integral members of an agile team, developing scalable software solutions in various domains such as healthcare automation or digital marketing intelligence tools for Fortune 500 companies.

At VIVAHR, we created a Java Developer Job Description Template covering everything you need to know about the position. This document outlines duties and responsibilities, skills requirements, compensation requirements, and any other specific details your business needs. Post this template on several job boards online to get the best results.

What is a Java Developer?

Java developers are programmers that specialize in Java. They code and debug programs created with the java programming language, including those written for Android devices. A Java developer typically has a bachelor’s degree or higher-level qualification in computer science, software engineering, or information technology from university-level education. In addition, relevant work experience of at least two years full-time equivalent (FTE) is required by employers to become an entry-level programmer on almost all jobs advertised online, according to their career guide website.

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The Top Java Developer Skills


Why it’s important

Creative Thinking

Java developers need to be creative thinkers, always looking for new ways of doing things better. But they also have a strong sense of responsibility that means getting their work done on time and with minimal errors is paramount.

Attention to Detail

Java Developers need to have an eye for detail in everything they do. From coding, debugging, and designing the perfect product, it all requires meticulous attention to detail.


A good programmer should never stop learning and adapting to new technologies or trends in the industry. As programmers explore different languages and frameworks, they constantly expand their knowledge base while broadening their skill set for future opportunities down the road.

Time Management

Java Developers must have excellent time management skills. They must be proficient in using a wide variety of scheduling and project-management software packages and work with multiple team members at different time zones across many hours each day.


As a Java programmer, you understand how communication and coordination are necessary to complete projects. You also communicate with a machine through the language of Java code.



Java Developer Job Description Template (Free)

We are looking for talented Java programmers to join our team. Our interns will work closely with core developers to understand how software is built and get the opportunity to play a critical role in making our future products. You must be passionate about programming and be able to ship high-quality code regularly.

Java Developers need to compile technical documentation and user assistance material. The writing detail is necessary for this position, as they must communicate superbly with both clients and co-workers.

Java Developer Duties & Responsibilities

  • Complying with code quality standards & project guidelines. Java Developers should be familiar with Java coding conventions and follow a strict code review process for consistency in Java programming.
  • Design and implement new features, modules, or interfaces to extend existing Java applications or create new web-based Java applications
  • Document all Java development work as Java Java Developers will work closely with technical writers and Java project managers to ensure Java code is documented correctly.
  • Comply with quality standards for Java development, such as automated testing and static analysis of Java programming
  • Assist the team in developing unit tests for Java applications using test frameworks such as JUnit or TestNG. The Java
  • Developers will need to learn Java testing tools to ensure Java applications are working correctly. Java
  • Assist Java project managers in planning, estimating, and tracking Java development tasks
  • Cross-train on multiple Java application projects
  • Be available for 24/7 on-call duties and respond immediately when notified of a problem or any Java issues

Java Developer Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree in Java programming, computer science, or related fields. Java developers may gain a lot of experience at a Java development agency before applying for this position.
  • At least three years of Java programming experience
  • Experience with Java enterprise applications, strong Java technical background, and knowledge of Java frameworks, such as Spring or Hibernate.
  • Knowledge of Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Web Services, JavaServer Pages (JSP), Java Servlets, Java SQL programming.
  • Experience working with relational databases such as Oracle or Sybase in developing Java applications.
  • Experience with Java Agile programming, comfortable working in a highly Java Agile environment, and possess excellent Java communication skills.
  • Familiarity with Linux/UNIX environments and shell scripting.
  • Ability to learn new Java programming skills quickly without any guidance or documentation.
  • Computer Science degree or equivalent experience desired
  • Acquisition of knowledge in Object-oriented languages such as C++, Smalltalk, etc.
  • Experience using tools to unit test Java code to debug a piece of software that has been written
Java Developer Job Description Template
Java Developer Job Description Template
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Java Developer Job Description Template

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Sample Interview Questions For Java Developer

  1. Do you know Java programming?
  2. Do you use a lot of pointers with your Java programming?
  3. Are you an expert at arrays and using them for string processing?
  4. Have you ever used bitmap images or metafiles, as opposed to drawing directly to the screen?
  5. What is the most important thing you are looking for in a programming job?
  6. What types of responsibilities do you think a programmer should have?
  7. What do you think programs should be written in?
  8. Are Java projects more collaborative than other types of programming projects?
  9. Does a Java developer usually follow the instructions given by their manager, or is there sometimes room for creativity in your job as a Java developer?
  10. Do you feel that there is room for advancement within your current company as a Java developer? If so, what are some ways you see yourself advancing?
  11. What are some examples of projects you’ve been involved in as a Java developer?

What are the Educational Requirements For a Java Developer?

The typical educational requirement for a Java developer is a bachelor’s degree, but some organizations may also require professional experience. Some employers will ask that you have at least two years of IT work experience or certification in the field before providing an offer to join their company full-time.

The average education level required by most companies for becoming a Java Developer ranges from having only Bachelor’s Degree up to four years Master’s Of Science (MS) degrees, and even Ph.D. qualifications are not unheard of among senior members on staff! If your main goal is gaining employment with one organization, then it might be best to get certified as soon as possible so that they can see how much potential you have while still obtaining those essential skills.

How Much To Pay a Java Developer When Hiring

The wage for a Java Developer can vary depending on the company and location. The average salary range is between $58,000 to $120,000 per year, with an average of around $80K annually in North America and Europe. Earnings depend heavily on experience because salaries increase based on years of work at that particular job or position.




50% (Median)



Hourly Wage






Annual Wage






Frequently asked questions about Java Developers

What is the demand like for Java Developers?

Many Java developers are required, and Java Developers are in demand across the United States. Java Developers with Java project management skills who can communicate effectively both orally and in writing are abundant. Java Developer positions come up often, and Java Developers with experience have a wide variety of job openings available to them. These Java Developers primarily command higher wages than that Java Developer who have less experience or lack Java programming skills altogether.

What type of skills should a Java Developer have?

Java Developers are the first Java developers with Java development skills with Java Scripting and Java Object-oriented programming language.

The Java Developer position requires Java Web Application Development skills and Java Network Programming experience as well. As your career progresses, you will need to show that you understand relational databases, client-server interactions, and distributed processing.

Can Java Developer work from home?

It’s possible to be a Java Developer and work from home, as many tools can make it easier. Some of these technologies include Skype for video conferencing, Google Hangouts, or other free virtual meeting software like GoToMeeting; emailing files instead of printing them out or ordering prints online with services such as Dropbox (which also provides a workspace), etc. The success rate varies based on the person’s level of experience working remotely but overall is higher than those who need office space every day.

What kinds of companies can Java developers work in?

Java developers are essential to many different types of companies, working in a variety of industries.

Java is one of the most popular programming languages for web development and is used on over 10 million websites worldwide. Java can also be very beneficial as it has been built from scratch with security, reliability, performance efficiency, and accessibility issues at its core design objectives.

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