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Bamboohr Integration

BambooHR Integration

Thursday, March 29th, 2018

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BambooHR is one of the most popular HRIS tools for small & medium-sized businesses. It is a tremendous tool to handle employee on-boarding, time-off tracking, employee database records, and HR reporting.

The VIVAHR integration makes it easy to manually export candidates from your VIVAHR dashboard and create them as employees in BambooHR.

How to setup BambooHR sync

The VIVAHR to BambooHR integration is one-click sync to push candidates from VIVAHR into your BambooHR account automatically.

How To Install

To connect your VIVAHR account with BambooHR, you’ll simply need to create and sync a new integration inside your Integrations portal from VIVAHR.

If you’re the company admin, log in to VIVAHR, go to Settings → Integrations → BambooHR.

Your account is not synced.

How to use BambooHR integration

Vivahr Bamboohr Integration

After your integration is in Sync, you’ll be able to move candidates from VIVAHR to BambooHR with a single click.

Inside the candidate details page, you’ll see a new action item in the details section, Push to BambooHR. Manually click, Push to BambooHR. The candidate will now become an employee record in BambooHR. All of their information from VIVAHR will be carried over.