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How To Get Google Guaranteed

How to Get Google Guaranteed

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

Google Guaranteed For Home Service Businesses

How to become google guaranteedLocal businesses are seeing the success of having the green Google Guaranteed certificate on their paid ads.  It has become a tremendous source of increasing conversion rates for leads and ultimately becoming the next PPC revenue source for Google.  When Google Guaranteed began, it was seen as a direct threat to Pay-Per-Lead websites like Home Advisor, Thumbtack and AngiesList.  But becoming Google Guaranteed is certainly not a guarantee for your business.  There is a strict screening process by google.  We will go into detail on how to become Google Guaranteed and what to do with your Google Guaranteed certificate.

What is Google Guaranteed

Google Guarantee is a status and certification Google gives businesses their stamp of approval to back your business for up to $2,000 for jobs that are booked through Google.  If this customer is no happy with the work, the customer has a sense of protection to help them feel secure about working with your contracting business.

In the image below, you’ll see above the Ads Pack, Google is now promoting a section we refer to as the Google Guarantee Pack.  It’s usually 3 businesses that have been verified and Google feels confident in their business to guarantee a certain quality of work from them.  Below, we will outline how to become Google Guarantee Certified, why you should be Google Guaranteed and how to rank higher in Google Guarantee pack.

How to become google guaranteed

How To Become Google Guaranteed Business

In order to become Google Guaranteed there is a list of items you’ll need to verify and provide to Google.

To get started with the Google Guaranteed program you’ll CLICK HERE or reach out to a digital marketing company specializing in working with small businesses to help them get verified.

Some items you’ll need to provide to Google:

Bonus tips to helping you become Google Guaranteed

To prepare for the Google Guarantee in your area and to make the transition as easy as possible for Google to put their stamp of approval on your business be sure to:

Which Industries are available for Google Guaranteed

This list of industries of available Google Guarantee is changing often.  We will update this list often.


Frequently Asked Questions About Google Guaranteed Certification

How to find out if I’m eligible for Google Guaranteed?

The industries and requirements are a moving target for Google right now.  They are working quickly to create requirements to protect themselves and allow the best companies to rise to the top.  If you believe you quality, Get Started HERE and select your location and industry. Google will let you know if this is available for your company.

What is required to become Google Guaranteed?

Each industry is going to have their specific requirements.  In most instances, these items are going to be required and reviewed:

If your business is classified as an Urgent Category – because customers will call you for time-sensitive, urgent needs you may require additional verifications.

How to be listed as the top result in Google Guaranteed?

There are several factors that determine your ranking and position include, number of reviews, budget, focused keywords and the location.  Bidding the most isn’t always the reason you would rank number 1.  Pay attention to those social proof (reviews) that could impact how your business is viewed externally.

How much is the cost per call with Google Guaranteed?

The price is determined similarly to how pricing is with traditional Google search ads.  The bid rate will be based on inventory (number of searches in your area for your particular industry)

How to rank for specific keywords with Google Guaranteed?

Google does not use specific keywords in your ads to determine when your ad appears.  Google us using their AI intent to decipher which industry should appear.  You would choose which category of searches best fits your business.  Your ads would show when google determines the user is looking for a local service business to contact.

What is the difference between Google Guaranteed and Google Search Ads?

Google Guaranteed ads are going to be the number one ad placement.  They are limited to companies who pass the required steps to verify their business as legitimate and able to handle new customers with a sense of confidence.  Whereas Google Search Ads are available to anyone who would like to bid and buy traffic for any keyword or search.

How does Google Guarantee work?

Google Guaranteed is a certification and status to show eligible businesses who have passed a screening and qualification process through Google Local Services. If your business meets the requirements, Google will secure your business up to $2,000 for jobs that came to your business through Google.  Should the customer not be satisfied with the work, Google will honor up to $2,000 of payment to be recovered.
After you business has been approved and you are qualified to run Google Guaranteed ads, your business will be able to run Google Local Service ads These ads appear on the VERY top of Google – even above paid ads. With Google Local Service ads, you’re only paying for actual qualified leads not clicks.

How does Google charge for Google Guarantee Ads

Unlike Google search ads which you pay per click, with Google Local Service ads you only pay per call and after they have booked the service.