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Exit Interview Questionnaire Template

Exit Interview Questionnaire Template

Monday, June 21st, 2021

An HR manager having an exit interview meeting with an employee is quit

Exit interviews are a crucial component of the hiring process. This is because they allow you to find out why candidates left their previous jobs and what you can do to fix those issues before someone else does. In this blog post, you will learn how exit interviews can benefit your company in the long run and some tips on conducting one!

The Reason for Exit Interviews

Exit interview surveys are an important way to gather insight from departing employees. It’s always recommended that these questionnaires be completed online, as this will allow you to run analytics and provide more insights for your organization. Employees often have a lot on their plates at the end of day one of leaving work, so giving them ample time after they’ve left can help ensure better responses during exit interviews.

Why is an exit interview important?

An exit interview is essential to the employment process, providing valuable insights into why someone has left. It also allows a final opportunity to thank and bid farewell to departing employees. This blog post will explore the benefits of conducting an exit interview and offer tips on making this conversation effective.

Why do we need Exit Interviews?

With all that’s going on in your company, you might wonder if having an exit interview is worth it—but you’ll find out from these statistics that it is! The average cost per employee turnover ranges between $12k-$25k depending on where you are located in North America, with those costs being lower in some regions due to higher unemployment rates.

Different Exit Interview Questions Download Exit Interview Questionnaire Template

Why did you start looking for another job?

Answers to this question are as unique as the individuals, but they can be grouped into different categories. After a while, patterns emerge that we all share, such as why people want to change professions or leave their jobs behind altogether. Honest employees will reveal the current situation at your company and help you gather important information.

Why are you leaving this job?

You’re going to want a detailed account of the person’s decision-making process. It may seem like they left for one reason, but it could be that there were many reasons behind their final choice to leave. You’ll need more information to assess the situation before making proper decisions.

What does the new position offer that influenced you to make the decision?

Was it company culture, pay or benefits, flexibility, or something else? The answer can help point out what might be lacking in your workplace. It could also give you some ideas for better meeting expectations and filling gaps where they exist.

What could we have done better to keep you happy and working?

This direct question can help you get to the crux of why an employee has chosen to leave. Often what would have encouraged them to stay is also the catalyst behind their decision, so it’s worth looking into further.

Would you recommend working for our company to a friend?

If an employee leaves on good terms, they will most likely be willing to come back in the future or recommend friends for a position. However, if it isn’t in their best interest to recommend your company, you may want to explore this question further. Find out why employees were or were not satisfied at your company.

Do you feel like your manager provides the right tools for success?

It can be near impossible to perform in a role without the right tools. For example, if someone doesn’t have analytical software but needs it as part of their job, anyone who comes after them will find themselves struggling too!

Is there anything else you would like to address?

Many people find themselves wanting to say more after the questions have all been asked. This question ensures that critical information has not gone unnoticed and helps respectfully give closure. Give employees an opportunity to explain other topics or reasons for their departure thoroughly.

Exit Interview Questionnaire Template
Exit Interview Questionnaire Template
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Exit Interview Questionnaire Template

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