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How Employee Recognition Can Boost Productivity The Culture Marketing Show

How Employee Recognition Can Boost Productivity – The Culture Marketing Show

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Culture Marketing Show

Leverage Employee Recognition inside your company to Boost Recruitment Marketing

Aligning your culture around recognition can have a big impact with A-Players. You’ll hear examples and strategies to boosting employee morale and brining your company culture to life.

Don’t have a budget for perks and employee recognition? Ryan and Morgan will discuss ways you can implement simple acts of recognition to have a major impact.

What we cover in this show…

  • Learn different ways to recognize employees to help increase company culture and engage employees
  • Rewarding employees with experiences that are memorable, personal, and shareable
  • How incentives and recognition encourage hard work from employees
  • Boosting employee morale helps create a stronger bond throughout the company
  • How recognizing employees through experiences rather than just monetary rewards has proven to positively impact your long-term employee engagement goals
  • How to create a meaningful employee recognition platform that you can easily implement company-wide

Ryan Naylor

VIVAHR, Founder

Ryan Naylor Vivahr

Ryan Naylor is the Founder and CEO of VIVAHR. After owning a successful marketing agency for 10+ years, and a local job board company for the last 5 years, Ryan has decided to take his passion for creating company culture to a new platform. He is passionate about the power of great company culture, including the direct and long-term effects in has on every business. VIVAHR is built to help companies create the BEST recruiting and hiring experience possible. He believes it is important to start hiring with a culture-first approach, which he has made possible through VIVAHR. Connect with Ryan on LinkedIn.


Morgan Chaney

Head of Marketing at Blueboard

Morgan Chaney BlueboardMorgan Chaney is Head of Marketing at Blueboard, an experiential employee rewards platform for the modern workplace. Living Blueboard’s mantra of adventure and exploration, when not at work leading marketing and content strategy, you’ll find Morgan photographing wildlife, practicando su español, or teaching yoga (#stretchygoats at Blueboard’s HQ). Connect with Morgan on LinkedIn.