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March 27, 2019

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What is an Employee Evaluation Form?

An Employee Evaluation form is a data sheet that is to be filled out together with the employee and their supervisor.  The form has space for rating different requirements and traits, as well as space to write comments.

What is it used for?

Using this form is an official way to assess the performance of the employee from an employer and employee perspective.

How often should I evaluate an employee with this form?

This form can be used on a routine basis, sometimes every six or twelve months, or used as an official performance review whenever deemed necessary.  

Why is it important for me as an employer?

Using an employee evaluation form is a good idea to establish a paper trail to assist in making decisions related to HR.  Having a paper trail to record the performance and overall attitude of the employee is very important. It can protect you as an employer if you are ever accused of unjustly firing or reprimanding an employee.  

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Should I use it as a disciplinary tool?

An employee evaluation form is different from an employee write-up form.  An employee write-up form is used to document negative performance or incidents related to a certain employee.  To view our Employee Write-Up Form, click here. Be sure to only use the employee evaluation form when routinely evaluating and documenting an employee’s job performance.

How can the form be best utilized after it’s been filled out?

  • Immediately after it’s been filled out, the supervisor and employee should have a reflective discussion on the scores and comments regarding performance.  Discuss areas that need improvement.
  • Create new goals that can be quantified.  For instance, a new goal would be to have less than 3 tardy arrivals to work per month.  Agree upon the next date of employee evaluation, so the employee has a milestone to work toward.
  • Be sure to praise improvement, and have frank discussions if you’re not seeing improvement.  If bad performance isn’t being corrected, there’s no sense in wasting your time or the business’ time.  Ask the employee if they can increase efforts for improvement, or you can assist in any way. If they’re not passionate about increasing their professional performance, you may need to start taking steps toward termination.

Free Employee Evaluation Form Template


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