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Av Technician Job Description Template

Job Description Template

AV Technician Job Description Template

April 13, 2023

Av Technician Job Description Template

When the time comes to find and hire new team members, we are here to help you conduct a fast and easy hiring process. The primary thing you need is a comprehensive career guide for the position you seek for. In this case, check out this FREE AV Technician Job Description Template that will help you learn everything there is about this position.

We listed the most important information about an AV Technician, from skills and responsibilities to education and salary!

If your business demands specific standards or criteria, you can easily customize this job description to turn it into an approachable and engaging job ad for suitable individuals.

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What is an AV Technician?

AV Technicians, also known as Audio Visual Technicians, are professionals who install and operate audio-visual equipment and tools for various events, such as meetings, sports games, concerts, live shows, etc.

They can also work in television, film, and theatre productions.

Their job is to set up and configure computers, speakers, microphones, projectors, cameras, sound systems, and other equipment to ensure a high-quality experience for the audience.

They play video recordings, enhance lighting and sound effects, and coordinate graphics.

They are also responsible for troubleshooting and resolving equipment malfunctions and maintaining the equipment and tools.

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The Top AV Technician Skills

Skill Why it's important
Communication AV Technicians must be skilled at communication for various reasons. They use communication to take instructions from their supervisors, understand the needs of their clients, and explain the technical concepts of their work. Communication also helps them coordinate with other members of the AV team.
Technical Technical skills for AV Technicians include their ability to properly set up, install, and operate equipment and tools, such as speakers, microphones, projects, etc. Technical skills help them assemble audio-visual equipment properly and operate it in a way that ensures a high-quality experience.
Problem-Solving Effective problem-solving is essential for AV Technicians. The ability to quickly and effectively identify and resolve malfunctions and issues with audio-visual equipment helps them keep the events running smoothly. Problem-solving also includes their ability to maintain and repair equipment.
Flexibility Being flexible is another essential skill for AV Technicians. They need to be prepared for sudden or unexpected changes or modifications in the audio-visual production and adapt to new circumstances. Flexibility also helps them coordinate successfully with other members of the AV team to keep the process running flawlessly.
Organization Organization is vital for AV Technicians due to many parts of equipment they use. They must be able to organize and keep track of cables, wires, and other equipment to have all the components ready for the production processes. Also, organizational skills help them manage their schedule and perform additional tasks timely.

AV Technician Job Description Template (Free)

We are looking for an AV Technician to join our team. You will be responsible for setting up, installing, and operating audio-visual equipment and tools for live events. You will test videos, audio, and signals to ensure proper functioning, install electrical wiring and construction according to production requirements, and disassemble equipment afterward. You will play video recordings, coordinate graphics, and enhance lighting, visual and sound effects.

Your job will be to ensure a high-quality audio-visual experience for the audience during the production. Additionally, you will identify, troubleshoot, and resolve malfunctions and issues with the equipment and perform maintenance and repairs on the equipment if necessary.

In order to be successful as an AV Technician, you must have strong technical knowledge of audio-visual equipment, as well as excellent communication, problem-solving, and organizational skills.

AV Technician Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Set up, install, and operate audio-visual equipment and tools for live events
  • Test audio, videos, and signals and troubleshoot any problems
  • Play video recordings, mix soundtracks, and coordinate graphics
  • Assemble equipment used in the recording, mixing, and editing processes
  • Provide assistance to other employees during the production
  • Enhance and edit lighting, audio, and visual effects
  • Install electrical wiring and construction according to the production requirements
  • Disassemble equipment and tools after the production
  • Ensure a flawless and high-quality transition and experience for the audience
  • Maintain, repair, and clean equipment and tools accordingly
  • Handle and resolve equipment malfunctions and issues

AV Technician Requirements:

  • Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in audio-visual technology, digital media, sound engineering, or a related field
  • Additional certification may be required
  • Previous working experience in audiovisual technology
  • In-depth knowledge of AV systems and related equipment
  • Strong communication and teamwork skills
  • Exceptional troubleshooting and problem-solving abilities
  • Organization and time management
  • Flexibility

Accounting Specialist Interview Questrions

Sample Interview Questions for an AV Technician

Once you gather up all the received applications, you can use these sample interview questions for AV Technician.

  1. What are some of your strongest traits?
  2. How did you become interested in the AV field?
  3. What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
Human Resources
  1. Could you tell us more about your professional background as an AV Technician?
  2. Which skills and qualifications make you the best candidate for us?
  3. Are you familiar with the types of events we work for?
  1. What common problems did you face with audio-visual equipment in your career?
  2. What would you do if a projector stopped working during the event?
  3. How do you typically prioritize your duties?
Technical Skills and Knowledge
  1. What tips do you use to enhance audio-visual quality during the event?
  2. How do you ensure the proper functioning of AV equipment?
  3. What is your experience with video and audio editing software?

What are the Educational Requirements for an AV Technician?

The typical educational requirements for AV Technician include an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in audio-visual technology, digital media, sound engineering, or a similar field.

These degree programs offer the basics of audio and video technology, projection systems, and lighting and computer graphics.

Obtaining relevant certification is often a requirement for many employers.

Some of the most common certifications, which can be acquired from the Audiovisual and Intergrated Experience Association are Certified Technology Specialist (CTS), Certified Technology Specialist-Design (CTS-D), and Certified Technology Specialist-Installation (CTS-I).

How Much to Pay an AV Technician when Hiring

AV Technicians earn between $21,500 and $76,500 per year.

Their median annual salary is $48,000.

Hourly rates go from $10,34 to $36,78.

The median hourly rate is $23.

Percentile 10% 25% 50%
75% 90%
Hourly Wage $11 $18 $23 $27 $33
Annual Wage $21,500 $37,500 $48,033 $56,500 $69,000

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Frequently Asked Questions about AV Technician


What do AV Technicians do?

AV Technicians are responsible for setting up, installing, and operating audio-visual equipment and tools for a variety of live events.

They coordinate lighting, video, and audio effects, troubleshoot malfunctions, and maintain and repair equipment.

Who do AV Technicians report to?

AV Technicians typically report to the AV Manager.

What events do AV Technicians work on?

AV Technicians work on a wide range of events, such as live shows, sports games, meetings, business conventions, concerts, etc.

They can also work for large television, film, and theatre productions.

What skills are essential for AV Technicians?

AV Technicians must have outstanding technical, communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and organizational skills.

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