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Automotive Tire Technician Job Description Template

Job Description Template

Automotive Tire Technician Description Template

July 1, 2020

Automotive Tire Technician Job Description Template

Are you ready to hire an Automotive Tire Technician and need a quality job description template to attract the best candidates? Then, you’ll find our free and fully customizable Automotive Tire Technician Job Description Template ideal for your purposes created by VIVAHR.

When looking for qualified and devoted automotive staff, it’s essential to have a solid strategy and well-written job descriptions to reach great individuals.

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What is an Automotive Tire Technician?

Automotive Tire Technicians inspect, install, repair, and replace tires on various types of vehicles.

An Automotive Tire technician’s duties involve installing new tires on vehicles, repairing or replacing damaged tires, and performing routine maintenance of balancing and rotating tires.

Many Automotive Tire technicians work for auto mechanic shops, dealerships, and heavy equipment companies.

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The Top Automotive Tire Technician Skills

Skill Why it's important
Technical Proficiency

Technical proficiency is crucial for an Automotive Tire Technician to accurately install, repair, and maintain tires. This includes understanding different tire types, sizes, and specifications, as well as using various tools and equipment correctly. Technical proficiency ensures that the job is done right the first time, reducing the risk of customer dissatisfaction and vehicle safety issues.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail allows tire technicians to identify issues such as uneven tread wear, damage, or improper alignment that might not be immediately obvious. By catching these details, technicians can prevent potential problems that could lead to accidents or further damage to the vehicle. This skill is essential for maintaining high safety standards and customer trust.

Physical Stamina and Strength

Physical stamina and strength are necessary for handling heavy tires and equipment, as well as performing tasks that require standing, lifting, bending, and crouching for extended periods. This physical capability ensures that technicians can perform their duties effectively and efficiently, maintaining productivity throughout their workday.

Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving skills enable tire technicians to diagnose and fix issues that arise during tire installation or repair. This includes identifying the root cause of a problem, such as improper tire wear patterns or alignment issues, and determining the best course of action to resolve it. Strong problem-solving abilities contribute to higher quality service and customer satisfaction.

Customer Service Skills

Customer service skills are important for communicating effectively with clients, understanding their needs, and explaining technical issues in a way that is easy to understand. Providing excellent customer service builds trust and loyalty, encouraging repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Automotive Tire Technician Job Description Template (Free)

We are actively hiring a skilled and professional Automotive Tire Technician to join our company. This position will require you to perform collision repairs, restoration and modifications, and weather damage. As our company’s Automotive Tire technician, you will be responsible for inspecting tires on vehicles and determining the requirements for new tire installation, repairs, and replacements. You will also be required to perform routine tire maintenance of balancing and rotation.

Our company is looking for a team player with a great work ethic and the right attitude. To ensure success as our Automotive Tire Technician, you will need excellent problem-solving skills, great communication skills, and an eye for detail.

Automotive Tire Technician Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Determining repairable tire conditions and making such repairs.
  • Remount wheels onto vehicles.
  • Unbolt and remove wheels from vehicles, using lug wrenches or other hand or power tools.
  • Place wheels on balancing machines to determine counterweights required to balance wheels.
  • Clean hubs and wheels for corrosion.
  • Replace valve stems and remove puncturing objects.
  • Seal punctures in tubeless tires by inserting adhesive material and expanding rubber plugs into punctures.
  • Inflate tires to prescribed PSI per load requirements.
  • Perform maintenance on tires, including rotations and balancing.
  • Participate in training, follow safety procedures, job duties, and company policies.

Automotive Tire Technician Requirements:

  • High school diploma, GED, or suitable equivalently.
  • 2-year experience as an Auto Tire Technician.
  • Must be able to lift and move tires weighing between 30-250 pound.
  • Able to bend, climb, reach, kneel, etc. for extended periods.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and professionally with co-workers and management.
  • Prepared to get an additional certification as needed.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Reliable, self-motivated, and great attention to detail.
  • Ability to work after hours, over weekends, and on public holidays with short or no notice.

Accounting Specialist Interview Questrions

Sample Interview Questions for an Automotive Tire Technician

The best way to find an ideal candidate for a job is to ask them questions that will allow you to gauge their ability and determine whether they are looking for a position that will push them in the right direction.

In addition, an interview gives employers the chance to establish whether the candidate has the skills needed for the position, use these sample interview questions for an Automotive Tire Technician.

  1. What motivated you to pursue a career as an Automotive Tire Technician, and what do you enjoy most about this work?
  2. Can you describe a situation where you had to pay extra attention to detail to ensure a tire installation or repair was done correctly?
  3. How do you handle working under pressure, or when faced with a tight deadline for a tire repair job?
Human Resources
  1. Have you ever worked as part of a team to complete a large tire replacement or repair project? How did you ensure effective collaboration?
  2. Describe a time when you had a disagreement with a coworker or customer about a tire-related issue. How did you resolve it?
  3. How do you stay informed about new tire technologies and industry best practices? Are there any recent developments you have incorporated into your work?
  1. When faced with multiple tire service tasks, how do you decide which ones to tackle first? Can you give an example of your process?
  2. Have you ever been responsible for training or supervising other technicians? How did you ensure they met the required standards?
  3. Can you describe a time when you implemented a more efficient method for completing a tire installation or repair? What was the impact on your workflow?
Technical Skills and Knowledge
  1. How do you determine which type of tire is suitable for different vehicles and driving conditions? Can you give an example of a product choice you made and why it was effective?
  2. What types of tire service equipment are you familiar with using? How do you ensure that this equipment is properly maintained?
  3. Can you describe a situation where you had to diagnose and fix an unusual tire issue? What steps did you take to identify and resolve the problem?

What are the Educational Requirements for an Automotive Tire Technician?

A high school diploma or GED is the minimum requirement to start an occupation as an Automotive Tire Technician.

Some employers may require their tire technicians to receive certification courses in tire technology.

How Much to Pay an Automotive Tire Technician when Hiring

Automotive Tire Technicians earn between $25,920 and $39,500 per year.

Their median annual salary is $32,400.

Hourly rates go from $12 to $19.

The median hourly rate is $16.

Percentile 10% 25% 50%
75% 90%
Hourly Wage $12 $14 $16 $17 $19
Annual Wage $25,920 $29,000 $32,400 $35,500 $39,500

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Frequently Asked Questions about Automotive Tire Technician


What qualifications should an Automotive Tire Technician have?

An Automotive Tire Technician should ideally have a high school diploma or equivalent, along with formal training or certification in automotive repair.

Relevant experience with tire installation, repair, and maintenance is essential.

Knowledge of different tire types, sizes, and specifications, as well as proficiency with tire service equipment, are also important qualifications.

How can an Automotive Tire Technician contribute to customer satisfaction?

An Automotive Tire Technician can contribute to customer satisfaction by providing thorough and accurate tire services, such as installation, rotation, balancing, and repairs.

Excellent customer service skills are crucial for explaining issues and solutions clearly to customers, ensuring timely completion of tasks, and maintaining a clean and organized work area.

High-quality workmanship and effective communication help build trust and loyalty.

What are the key responsibilities of an Automotive Tire Technician?

Key responsibilities include inspecting tires for wear and damage, installing new tires, performing tire rotations and balances, repairing punctures, and ensuring proper alignment.

Technicians must also maintain tire service equipment, keep work areas clean, and follow safety protocols.

Additionally, they should be able to advise customers on tire care and maintenance.

How do Automotive Tire Technicians ensure safety while performing their duties?

Automotive Tire Technicians ensure safety by following established safety protocols, such as using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) like gloves and safety glasses, properly using and maintaining tire service equipment, and adhering to manufacturer instructions for tire installation and repair.

They also keep work areas clean and organized to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of themselves, their coworkers, and customers.

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