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Writer Interview Questions

Writer Interview Questions

Monday, June 12th, 2023

Writer Interview Questions

The Best Writer Interview Questions

If you want to hire a Writer, having well-prepared Writer Interview Questions is essential for finding a suitable applicant.

What is a Writer?

A writer is a person who uses words to express ideas, stories, or information through various forms of written communication, such as books, articles, scripts, poems, or other literary works.

Writers may also create content for online publications in various forms including blog posts, social media posts, or articles.

Other writers specialize in technical writing such as instruction manuals and documentation for software products.

Usually, a Writer has a Bachelor’s degree in English, creative writing, communications, history, or journalism. They may have a previous work experience as a writer or author.


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What does a Writer do?

The primary duty of a Writer is to create well-crafted written content for various media outlets.

This content can include articles, blog posts, web copy, press releases, social media posts, scripts, and more.

A Writer will usually research and write pieces based on the specific instructions provided by an employer or client.

They must be able to effectively communicate ideas in written form and create memorable stories that capture the interest of readers.

Furthermore, writers should have strong editing skills as they may need to edit their own work or collaborate with editors to produce high-quality materials.

Finally, Writers may need to stay current with relevant topics/trends to ensure their writing is fresh and engaging.

Writer Interview Questions

Some good Writer Interview Questions to ask include:

  • Describe your experience with writing and editing.
  • How would you handle tight deadlines or strict feedback from clients?
  • Are there any topics in particular that you enjoy writing about most?
  • What strategies do you employ to help ensure the accuracy of your work?
  • Can you provide examples of your written work, either published or unpublished pieces?
  • Do you have any familiarity with SEO practices and how they could be applied to content creation?
  • What kind of research methods do you use when making sure stories are factually accurate and up-to-date?
  • How comfortable are you working collaboratively with other creatives on projects such as web design, video production, graphic design, etc.?
  • Are there any challenges that arise with working remotely on writing projects, and how do you manage them?
  • How comfortable are you working with deadlines and time constraints for certain tasks or projects?

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Why is it important to prepare when interviewing a job applicant?

Here are the top three reasons why preparation is important when interviewing a writer:

Writing skills: Writers are evaluated based on their writing abilities. Preparation allows you to review their writing samples and ask targeted questions about their style, creativity, grammar, and adaptability to different formats or audiences.

Subject matter knowledge: Writers may require specific subject matter expertise. By preparing for the interview, you can assess their knowledge in relevant areas and ensure they have a solid understanding of the topics they will be writing about.

Collaboration and adaptability: Writers often work with others and need to be adaptable. Preparation helps evaluate their teamwork, ability to receive feedback and adapt their writing style based on client or audience preferences.

Writer Candidate Scorecard



Educational Background

Does the candidate have the appropriate educational qualifications or training for this position?

Prior Work Experience

Has the candidate acquired the necessary skills or qualifications through past work experiences?


Does the candidate have the technical skills necessary for this position?

Problem Solving Abilities

Has the candidate demonstrated critical problem-solving skills?


Did the candidate demonstrate team building and communication skills?

Would hiring this candidate steer your organization in the right direction?

Directional Fit

Is this a step forward or backward in this candidate's career?

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