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Top HR Blogs and Podcasts for 2021

Tuesday, January 5th, 2021

Regardless if you are your company’s HR manager or handle the HR department of your own company, getting additional information, tips, and advice on ways to improve HR approaches is always a wise decision. 

There are so many HR resources available it can be overwhelming to know which ones offer the best insight for HR matters. VIVAHR is not only your source for an applicant tracking system that enhances your hiring process; we are your go-to source for everything related to hiring and human resources. We have spent a great deal of time reviewing the top HR blogs and podcasts that offer excellent knowledge and suggestions for tackling any issues and developing a healthy HR system for your business. 

VIVAHR Resources for HR 

At VIVAHR, we have a remarkable amount of HR and hiring content that can help shape your company to become the exact operation you are looking to create. We provide a resources page with various content options that can help you with any aspect of hiring or revising your company’s human resources department.  VIVAHR continually publishes helpful job description templates for all kinds of job titles that help speed up any business’s hiring process. We also provide blog articles with tips and advice from experts who give their insight on specific HR and hiring topics. Find blog posts that offer new ways to improve your company’s culture and discover why it is valuable to use your company culture for an effective hiring process. Learn active techniques from other experts such as company owners, CEOs, and upper management on being an outstanding leader and a great boss for your company. VIVAHR offers tons of other helpful content related to effective hiring and human resources every month and promises to be worth your time. 

In addition to VIVAHR useful resources, we also assist every company by utilizing the best job posting sites to find and hire your ideal candidates. We know the value of placing your job ad on the right job posting site to reach the type of candidate your business is seeking to hire, and we offer supportive advice on the best sites for job postings along with helpful guidance on the best practice for job postings. No matter what you need to strengthen your hiring process or HR department, VIVAHR provides several practical resources to assist you and your team run a successful operation. 

The 20 Top HR Blogs for 2021

HR Blogs and Podcasts for 2021


An excellent resource for anyone in an HR position wanting to enhance their workplace concerning HR. Workology provides outstanding blog posts on HR trends, tools, case studies, and more. This HR blog site reached out to a half-million HR and recruiting professionals each month to provide product information for Workology’s website, podcasts, and newsletter. 

Main Writer: Jessica Miller-Merrell, CEO & Founder of Workology.

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HR Blogs and Podcasts for 2021

AIHR Digital

This an HR blog source from the AIHR or known as the Academy to Innovate HR, that focuses on People Analytics. AIHR blog posts present a wide variety of HR Analytics aspects for individuals who are recently new to the scope of analytics and content for those who have more experience in the analytics area. 

Main Writer: Neelie Verlinden is the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of AIHR Digital.

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Top HR Blogs and Podcasts for 2021


This blog forum from Assembly delivers marvelous content revolving around employee recognition and engagement in today’s workforces. Assembly’s main focus on their blog content is to provide advice, tips, and ideas structured on employee retention strategies, employee feedback, company culture enhancements, current forms of better employee engagement and productivity. 

Main Writer: Assembly Blogger Team

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Top HR Blogs and Podcasts for 2021


This site has a great selection of HR topics that touch on many different industries and categories related to HR. Harver has a vibrant combination of substantial blog posts that are easy and quick to read on tons of subjects involving hiring and recruitment. Their blog forum provides realistic advice on ways to get started with a specific process within your company, and the visuals they give are pleasing and really help drive the point across. 

Main Writers: Harver’s team of dedicated writers and experts in the HR industry

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HR Blogs and Podcasts for 2021


HR Bartender 

The HR Bartender, as known as Sharlyn Lauby, serves enticing blog post topics that relate to the workplace and not just for human resources. This blog contains popular subjects such as being a better leader and supervisor, career advice, and employee engagement. Sharlyn Lauby frequently answers her reader’s questions about various matters, from what happens during an employee investigation to providing job references during interviews. 

Main Writer: Sharlyn Lauby, an HR pro turned consultant.

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HR Blogs and Podcasts for 2021



If you are interested in finding more ways to promote employee well-being, appreciation, and motivation, SnackNations blog posts are filled with innovative approaches for improving culture, discover new strategies for health in the workplace, and boost employee engagement.

Main Writers: Richard Fendler, Emil Shour, Jeff Murphy, Ashley Bell

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Top HR Blogs and Podcast for 2021

Evil HR Lady

The creator of this interesting HR information site, Suzanne Lucas, features engaging blog posts with a straightforward voice on demystifying the things that occur in HR. Suzanne presents a candor approach in her blog pieces the many HR professionals appreciate to review. Her forum is updated daily, and many posts are a quick read full of valuable content. Evil HR lady addresses everything that you may be concerned about, from payroll to sexism. A special bonus to this source is that she also emails questions. 

Main Writer: Suzanne Lucas

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Top HR Blogs and Podcasts for 2021

Fistful of Talent

Here is a blog source with a handful of HR leaders writing articles all about HR circumstances, and the work environment makes Fistful of Talent a hit for forceful HR content. Various contributors bring a meaningful and fun twist on many issues facing the HR world. You are definitely not going to find a boring blog post here. 

Main Writer: A powerful collaboration of HR leaders

Recommended Blog Post: Dear Team, Stay With Me

Top HR Blogs and Podcasts for 2021

HR Drive

HR Dive is a leading industry source and forum that provides an original analysis of the human resources industry’s latest developments. The HR Drive site features the most recent news about all matters about the work industry and labor market in the U.S. Plus, the site provides a section for HR management and learning, talent acquisition, and much more. 

Main Writers: Various Expert writers contribute to this website

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Top HR Blogs and Podcasts for 2021


This blog site obtains one central objective for their audience to be a trustworthy source for innovative ideas and business leading approaches for employee development, growth, and revamping business. At Insperity blog forum, each post offers profound guidance from their team of experts that discuss topics with supportive analysis, case studies, and their extensive experience within the HR field. They cover a wide range of today’s most talked-about HR and business improvement topics and questions.

Main Writers: An Outstanding Combination of Several HR Experts

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Top HR Blogs and Podcast for 2021

Undercover Recruiter

Undercover Recruiter’s blog content is ideal for those who are new to the world of recruiting. With thousands of blog posts that discuss important recruiting topics that you can think about. There are amazing pieces of content that sometimes is forgotten to be discussed during the recruiting and interview process that can help improve the whole practice like enjoyment, candidate experience, and company culture. 

Main Writers: Various Expert HR Writers and Guests

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Top HR Blogs and Podcast for 2021


An HR Blog resource with many interesting posts covering topics related to employee engagement, recognition in the workplace. Even more great topics are available for company culture improvements, enhancing the employee experience, and great ideas for employee rewards. Bonusly is a company serving thousands of businesses with helpful software that revolves around employee recognition. If you seek advice and tips for improvement to your business’s employee appreciation, this is an ideal source.

Main Writers: Bonusly team of experts Recognition and Engagement

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Top HR Blogs and Podcasts for 2021


This is no little source of information regarding various workplace settings. This blog includes so many featured topics such as employee recruiting, engagement and retention, company culture for HR pros, management, and executives, and much more. Each post provides valuable information that readers can really put into action to enhance their employee acquisition and recognition techniques. Plus, to give this blog forum some life, many of these articles have a great sense of humor, pokes fun at pop culture references, and opens up topics that many other HR blogs may not want to explore. 

Main Writer: Lori Li

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Top HR Blogs and Podcast for 2021


There is a great sense of passion that brings a unique experience to this particular HR blog source. Baudville has a deep and evident passion for employee recognition and speaks in each post with a hyper-personal voice. Readers will feel like they are sitting across from a real HR expert to improve their business HR approaches. This blog’s main writer, Allison, has a great deal of admiration for sharing everything she knows, learned, and has experience in her 20 plus years working in the industry, and it all reflects in all her posts.

Main Writers: Allison, Baudville’s Senior Content Writer

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Top HR Blogs and Podcast for 2021


A platform containing posts from diverse writers who are HR experts, industry professionals, or seasoned professionals all have a common passion for HR and help others improve the entire industry. As their name gives an idea for what they focus most blog posts on (workplace happiness, the blog also features other important matters involved in the HR industry like talent management, employee engagement,  and the HR world’s latest trends. 

Main Writers: A team of experts in HR, benefits, and payroll

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Top HR Blogs and Podcasts for 2021


This blog site by Nectar’s main purpose is to discuss today’s most relevant HR topics involving employees and business practices. These include employee experience, recognition, engagement, retention, company culture, wellness, and growth. As you search through Nectar HR content, you can gather amazing insight into the latest HR trends, especially with all the new work environments the workplace has endured over the past year. 

Main Writers: Nectar HR Professionals Team

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Top HR Blogs and Podcast for 2021

When I work

If you are searching for an easy and usable source that provides amazing tips on creating the ideal workplace that complements the typical 2021 environment, this is your top site to check out. With all the categories touching on the many HR subjects, you are guaranteed to find a blog post that helps bring you clarity and new approaches to handle any of your company’s HR conditions. 

Main Writers: Sam Campbell

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Top HR Blogs and Podcasts for 2021


This HR blog site from Kazoo’s main focus is all about the newest trends and best approach for successful employee engagement for any industry. The blog forum has topics that cover the science of employee appreciation, tips for setting company goals, or creating a checklist for new employees on the first day; Kazoo provides proactive guidance on various HR topics. 

Main Writers: Kazoo’s Employee Recognition and Appreciation team of experts 

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Top HR Blogs and Podcasts for 2021

HR Zone

This blog site features articles that meet many HR topics from leading cultures, engagement with employees, business performance, talent development, and tons more. Every post found under various topics provides insightful and supportive content that touches on the HR topic and brings a positive perspective for some of those difficult situations found in the HR industry. There is no doubt that you will not find at least a handful of blog posts that meet your HR needs. 

Main Writers: A Collection of HR leaders, consultants, and industry commentators 

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Top HR Blogs and Podcast for 2021


This blog post is created with the purpose to inspire HR professionals to recognize their company’s top employees more genuinely and substantially. Blueboard’s HR insiders team challenges the existing workplace conditions by providing fresh perspectives and best practices from their pool of clients, with suggestions you can implement with confidence for your own company programs. Furthermore, from their focus on rewards and recognition, this site addresses a wide range of hot topics ranging from the employee lifecycle, branding building to build a pipeline of qualified candidates, and ways to motivate employees remotely. 

Main Writer: Bluebeard’s founding team and cross-section of passionate contributors

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Top 10 HR Podcasts for 2021

Top HR Blogs and Podcasts for 2021

Redefining HR

A podcast hosted by Lars Schmidt discusses the new methods and approaches that help build or improve people-centric businesses’ ideas. Lars highlights how progressive HR leaders are reshaping the industry and what listeners can gain from their efforts. Plus, you can hear stories from guests that have journeyed from CHRO’s to Chief People Officers to Heads of Talent and more amazing HR topics.

Podcasts Host: Lars Schmidt

Recommended Podcast: Onboard Health Founder & CEO, Andre Blackman

Top HR Blogs and Podcasts for 2021

Recruitment On the Go

If you want to learn more about recruitment and ways to better your approaches, then this is your go-to podcast to stay updated on everything recruitment affiliated. From the Harver office in New York, host Caitie McCollow provides listeners with ways to uncover hot recruiting topics and give actionable guidance about enhancing the hiring process for your business.

Podcast Host: Caitie McCollow

Recommended Podcast: 8 Proven Strategies To Tackle Mass Hiring


Top HR Blogs and Podcasts for 2021


This is a podcast and Twitter chat hosted by Meghan M. Biro. Meghan delivers the latest HR industry news along with intriguing interviews with HR practitioners and tech vendors, and other leading experts discussing what inspires them with their involvement in HR. Additional fun and beneficial contribution to listening to this podcast is the opportunity to get involved with the latest discussion or topics on Twitter by following the host at @MeghanMBiro or following @TalentCulture, and the hashtag #WorkTrends.

Podcast Host: Meghan M Biro

Recommended Podcast: Leading Organizations to Resilience and Diversity


Top HR Blogs and Podcasts for 2021

The Candidate Experience Podcast

Host Chuck Solomon’s primary focused for this podcast is all about improving the candidate journey. He examines the job candidate journey with one on one interviews with expert guest speakers. The podcast guests range from HR recruiters and managers discussing candidate experience enhancements that will help others in the HR field, and job seekers will gain valuable insights. 

Podcast Host: Chuck Solomon

Recommended Podcast: Accidentally On Purpose — Will Barfield

Top HR Blogs and Podcasts for 2021

HR Happy Hour

The longest-running and the most downloaded HR Podcast is the HR Happy Hour Podcast.  This podcast is hosted by Steve Boese, the Co-Chair of the HR Technology Conference, and Trish McFarlane, CEO of H3 HR Advisors. The HR Happy Hour podcast’s main focus discusses topics related to HR, management, leadership, and the latest workforce technology. 

Podcast Hosts: Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane

Recommended Podcast: Job Seeking and Hiring Trends During the Pandemic

Top HR Blogs and Podcasts for 2021

Honest HR

This podcast is from the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), and as the name says, everything about the podcast. The podcast content gets real and honest about HR topics and has true discussions with HR professionals as nothing is not for talking about. Hosts Amber Clayton, Gloria Sinclair Miller, and Wendy Fong are your HR professionals and guides to hearing interesting stories and topics covering top human resource subjects. 

Podcast Hosts: Amber Clayton, Gloria Sinclair Miller, and Wendy Fong

Recommended Podcast: Strategic Planning For HR Teams

Top HR Blogs and Podcasts for 2021


If you are an HR professional, this is a podcast dedicated to your niche. DriveThruR has a collection of featured guests discussing various topics, including HR technology, recruiting, talent management, leadership, organizational culture, and strategic HR. The podcast has 30-minute episodes with captivating and easy-to-digest information perfect for listening to while you’re on your lunch break.

Podcast Hosts: Mike VanDervort and RobinSchooling

Recommended Podcast: Dealing With Burnout in the Workplace w/ David Shar

Top HR Blogs and Podcasts for 2021

Digital HR Leaders

A podcast series from My HR Future features host David Green the leader of People Analytics, who has discussions with other leaders in HR who are actively transforming their organizations. This is a perfect podcast for listeners looking for inspiration from other HR professionals and discovering the latest changes that are revolutionizing the future of HR. 

Podcast Host: David Green

Recommended Podcast: How to Help People Love What They Do At Work

Top HR Blogs and Podcasts for 2021

The Chad & Cheese Podcast 

This podcast has a unique approach to the world of recruitment. With over 40 years of experience in the recruitment industry, hosts Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman offer a brash flavor to really taste the nourishment in recruiting. 

Podcast Host: Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman 

Recommended Podcast: Mystery Acquisition

Top HR Blogs and Podcasts for 2021

The Jim Stroud Podcast

Hosted by Jim Stroud, a leading professional who shares his thoughts and helpful insight into how cultural trends and emerging technology are impacting the world of work. With straightforward and quick episodes, Jim leverages his professional experience consulting for top corporations such as Google and Siemens to build an information-rich podcast for tech enthusiasts. 

Podcast Host: Jim Stroud

Recommended Podcast: Would you work for a machine?