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Php Developer Job Description Template

Job Description Template

PHP Developer Description Template

August 23, 2021

Php Developer Job Description Template

Are you looking to hire a PHP Developer to join your company? Then you are in the right place. This Free PHP Developer Job Description Template includes a list of the most critical responsibilities and requirements for this position.

Using this PHP Developer Job Description Template, you can make sure that both recruiting managers/recruiters on your team know what they should be looking for in a candidate.

With our applicant tracking system, you can use this PHP Developer Job Description Template to attract qualified candidates, hire the employees you see fit, and save a lot of time.

We put all the relevant info in this template so you have an easier time filling it out.

You can customize the section as needed by adding additional requirements or descriptions and posting them on job posting sites.

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What is a PHP Developer?

A PHP developer is a programmer who specializes in using PHP computer coding and scripting language.

A Senior PHP Developer could typically be expected to work on more challenging or complex projects, lead the development of some projects, have experience developing internal applications, or occasionally act as a project leader.

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The Top PHP Developer Skills

Skill Why it's important
Excellent Communication

Their interpersonal and communication skills are of utmost importance. They will not only have to be good at communicating with colleagues and coworkers but also with management. It is also vital for a PHP Developer to communicate well with clients, as they often work one-on-one with clients to understand their needs.

Research Skills

Research skills are needed for a PHP Developer. It is crucial to keep up with trends and developments in the industry.

Data Interpretation

It is essential to interpret and analyze data to understand how well the company is performing. It is also vital for a PHP Developer to interpret and analyze data that will support project ideas and uncover trends.

Leadership skills

Leadership skills are an essential trait because they will need to manage the team and lead projects. They must also be able to make decisions quickly in preparation to avoid delays.

Knowledge of Computer Programming Technologies

Knowledge of computer programming technologies is a key trait required for PHP developers. Some of the technologies they are expected to know are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, and MySQL.

PHP Developer Job Description Template (Free)

We are looking for a PHP Developer to join our company. The ideal candidate should have excellent problem-solving skills and be detail-oriented. As a PHP Developer for our company, you will be responsible for developing and maintaining web applications. You should have excellent communication skills. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package.

Our PHP Developer will analyze coding, modify existing code, debug programs to discover errors and make changes to correct the mistakes and develop new software or upgrade system components.

PHP Developer Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Design and develop software applications using PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
  • Collaborate with fellow developers to fix bugs or generate new features for existing projects
  • Create new modules for the web-based content management system (CMS) used by our company
  • Train users on how to use the web-based CMS we use
  • Analyze coding
  • Modify existing code
  • Debug programs to discover errors and make changes to correct errors
  • Develop new software or upgrade system components
  • Analyze coding

PHP Developer Requirements:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Knowledge of SQL is a plus
  • Customer service orientation
  • Ability to interact with all levels of employees, from co-workers to senior management
  • Familiarity with multiple programming languages
  • Working knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Solid understanding of relational database structure, and comfortable writing queries
  • Understanding of web technologies, including server administration and troubleshooting
  • Experience using version control software like Subversion or Git
  • Familiarity with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Working knowledge of server-side scripting, including PHP5/MySQL, Python, ASP /ASP .NET, and Perl (Perl preferred). Experience with JSP is a plus
  • Experience with the use of JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery and Bootstrap
  • Familiarity with Agile software development methodologies is preferred
  • Ability to understand complex technical requirements and communicate them to non-technical users
  • Understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues

Accounting Specialist Interview Questrions

Sample Interview Questions for a PHP Developer

Once you choose all the accepted applications, you can use these sample interview questions for a PHP Developer.

  1. What motivated you to go on the PHP Developer career path?
  2. What would be your strengths as a PHP Developer?
  3. Where do you see your PHP Developer career three years from now?
Human Resources
  1. How would you describe a project to a client with no PHP knowledge?
  2. How well do you get along with your developer colleagues?
  3. Do you like collaborating with web designers?
  1. How would you organize a programming project?
  2. What is the biggest mistake that you have made in the last three years? Can you explain how and why it happened?
Technical Skills and Knowledge
  1. Describe your experience in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.
  2. How would you implement AJAX on the fly with code?
  3. Explain what SQL injection attack is and its prevention.

What are the Educational Requirements for a PHP Developer?

The educational requirements for a PHP Developer are at least two years of college or a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering, or a related field.

How Much to Pay a PHP Developer when Hiring

The salaries for PHP developers start at $59,870 annually and can go as high as $160,100 per year.

Employers are willing to pay more to qualified candidates with a degree or background in Information Technology.

Percentile 10% 25% 50%
75% 90%
Hourly Wage $28.79 $37.36 $48.94 $62.00 $76.97
Annual Wage $59,870 $77,710 $101,790 $128,960 $160,100

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Frequently Asked Questions about PHP Developer


What qualifications are necessary for a PHP Developer role?

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field, proficiency in PHP and web development frameworks like Laravel, and experience with database management systems.

What are the primary responsibilities of a PHP Developer?

Designing, developing, and maintaining web applications using PHP, writing clean and efficient code, troubleshooting and debugging, and collaborating with cross-functional teams.

What skills are essential for success in the role of a PHP Developer?

Proficiency in PHP and related frameworks, familiarity with front-end technologies, problem-solving abilities, and effective communication skills.

How does a PHP Developer contribute to the success of a software development team?

By building scalable and reliable web applications, implementing new features, and collaborating with team members to ensure timely delivery of high-quality software solutions.

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