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Free Employee Write Up Template

Monday, October 7th, 2019

Dealing with problematic issues at your organization? We’ve created a FREE Employee Write-Up Form Template for you to use. Use it as is, or customize it to your specific needs. Utilize this helpful tool when an occasion may arise in the workplace. Read below about why this is a good move for you and your business.

What is it?

An Employee Write-Up Form is a tool that an employer can use to document an offense or multiple offenses of an employee. Using this form will help keep an accurate record of problematic incidents that have occurred in the workplace. Filling out this form and discussing the offense with the employee is a chance to communicate clearly with them about what happened and why their action is unacceptable. The employee has an opportunity to clarify, understand, and agree to the way it is described on the form.

As an employer, it is vital to keep a record of employee infractions. Having a way to document a history of offenses is a good start if an employee has received multiple warnings or if termination is necessary. Many times after an employee is terminated, a dispute will arise where legal matters get involved. An employee write-up form is one of the most effective ways to reflect the former employee’s infractions accurately.

How to Use It

When filling out the form with your employee, use fact-based language. Describe precisely what was said or done without embellishing. Be objective in how you write about the offense. Use detail in describing an incident. Facts are more complex to dispute than emotional descriptions.

Moving Forward

An Employee Write Up Form can be a chance to improve the performance of an employee. Once they have understood and discussed the offense, help them create a strategy of improvement. Ask questions that will help them correct their behavior, and suggest a way to divert that behavior in the future. Once you have gone through the form with them and they have signed it, lend encouragement. Express appreciation for their work and convey your desire for them to elevate their work performance. Let them know you’re available to discuss and help with the improvement strategies laid out on the form anytime they’re in need.

Before Employee Write Up forms became common practice, many employers would resort to quick termination. In today’s workforce, using this tool as a form of warning and communication can help with employee turnover. An employer will save the cost and time lost from training a new employee.

Here’s a list of common reasons to use an Employee Write Up Form:

CLICK HERE to use our FREE Employee Write-Up Form Template for your use at your business. Utilize it as is, or edit as the needs of your company call for.