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Company Social Media Policy Template

Company Social Media Policy Template

Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

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What is a Social Media Policy?

Creating a social media policy is vital in ensuring your employees understand everything they are permitted do on social channels. Plus, it can improve your company’s control of any legal or security issues.

A social media policy describes how a business and its representatives should handle themselves via the web. It assists in protecting your company’s online reputation and helps employees speak about their experience with the company online.

Company Social Media Policy Template Download Company Social Media Policy Template

At (Company), we recognize that social media can be a fun and fulfilling way to share your life and ideas with family, friends, and coworkers worldwide. However, social media can present several risks and provides it specific obligations. Therefore, to support you in producing responsible judgments about your use of social media, we have established these guidelines for proper social media use.

This policy pertains to all employees and associates who work for (Company) or one of its subsidiary companies in the United States.

Social Media Guidelines

In the ever-growing and expanding universe of electronic communication, social media can suggest numerous definitions. The term “social media” encompasses all means of communicating or posting content of any kind on the Internet. The types of social media include blogs, websites, or any other social networking platform whether or not associated or affiliated with (Company) and any other form of electronic communication.

The same policies and guidelines observed in (Company) policies apply to your activities online. Ultimately, you are entirely accountable for anything you post online. Before creating or posting online content, contemplate any of the dangers or rewards that are affected. Your behavior adversely affects not only your performance but the performance of your coworkers. Any demeaning online content towards our company, customers, employees, or suppliers will be observed as defamation and grounds for termination.

Understand the Rules

Carefully read all of (Company’s) policies and procedures and any other collateral provided by (Company). These include emails, training, and videos that produce updated material on social media policies. Any inappropriate postings that involve discriminatory remarks, harassment, illegal drug use, and threats of violence or similar indecent or criminal conduct will not be permitted and may subject you to disciplinary action or termination.

Act Professional

Keep your conduct civil and gracious when communicating with employees, customers, coworkers, members, suppliers, or anyone else working for (the company). Also, keep in mind that you will likely resolve any work-related issues if you talk directly to your coworkers/supervisors or use our Open Door Policy instead of posting concerns on social media.

If you choose to post grievances or criticisms, please avoid using any comments, photos, video, or audio that could plausibly be construed as malicious, offensive, threatening, intimidating, or disparages customers, staff, coworkers, suppliers, or that could be considered harassment or bullying.

Some examples would be demeaning or offensive comments made to hurt someone’s reputation in an intentional way or words that could provide to unfriendly work conditions based on race, sex, disability, religion, or any other status protected by law or company policy.

Honest and Accurate

Always be truthful and accurate when posting information or news, and if you make a mistake, quickly correct it. Be candid about any prior posts you changed. Remember that the Internet archives almost everything, so even deleted posts can be tracked down. Finally, never post any information or rumors that you know are false regarding the (Company), coworkers, members, customers, suppliers, employees working for (Company), or competitors.

Post only proper and courteous content

  • Preserve the confidentiality of (Company) business secrets and private or classified knowledge. Trade secrets may involve information concerning the expansion of systems, methods, goods, and technology. Never post internal records, reports, policies, procedures, or other internal company classified conversations.
  • Do not link from any websites, personal blog, or other social networking sites to a (Company) website without recognizing yourself as a (Company) associate.
    Express only your personal beliefs. Never express yourself as a spokesperson for (Company).
  • If (Company) is the subject of the content you are creating, be transparent and apparent regarding the fact that you are an employee and make it evident that your viewpoints do not represent those of (Company) fellow employees, members, customers, suppliers, or people working on behalf of (Company)
  • If you publish a blog or post online relevant to your work or subjects connected with (Company), make it transparent that you are not conversing on account of (Company).
  • It is most beneficial to incorporate a disclaimer such as “The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of (Company).” The disclaimer does not release you of any liability for posting contradictory to the guidelines of this policy.

Social Media and Work

Please avoid using social media while on company time or on the equipment we provide, except business-related as approved by your manager. Do not use (Company) email addresses to register on social networks, blogs, or other online agents utilized for personal use.

Retaliation is Prohibited

(Company) prevents practicing adverse action toward any employee or associate to report a potential departure from this policy or participate in an investigation. Any employee or associate who retaliates against another for reporting a possible deviation from this policy or participating in an investigation will be subject to disciplinary action or termination.

Media Contacts

Employees should not converse to the media on (Company) behalf without speaking to the Corporate Office first. All media requests should be directed to the Corporate Office.

By signing, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the (Company) Social Media Policy.

(Printed or Typed Name) (Signature) (Date)

Company Social Media Policy Template
Company Social Media Policy Template
Joshua F.
Redline Electric & Solar
Company Social Media Policy Template

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Whether you are starting a new company or want to review your current social media policy, feel free to copy and paste our Company Social Media Policy Template. If that doesn’t suit your needs and you need something more tailored for your organization, we’ve also created a Company Social Media Policy Template with the same attention to detail as our other templates. Our templates come in Google document format, so they can be easily edited by whoever is responsible for managing them at any given time. Download yours today!

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