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Vivahr 039 S Automotive Hiring Playbook

VIVAHR's Automotive Hiring Playbook

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Vivahr Automotive Hiring Playbook

What’s inside:

Recruiting Guide

Dive into an understanding of diverse roles in the Automotive sector, craft compelling job descriptions, and discover strategies for candidate sourcing — our guide covers every step of the recruitment journey.

Interview Tips

Our playbook delivers insights for your interview process, encompassing skill evaluations, organized interviews, vetting references, and beyond.

Onboarding and Retaining

After navigating through the interview phase, this eBook furnishes you with additional insights and strategies to successfully onboard and retain your Automotive team.

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Table of Contents

Understanding the Job Role

Each role in the automotive dealership industry plays a specific part in the business's overall success. Understanding these roles is fundamental to identifying suitable candidates.

Creating an Effective Job Description

Crafting a compelling and informative job description is critical in attracting the right talent to your car dealership. A well-written job description is an introduction to your dealership and a clear role outline.

Sourcing Candidates

Finding suitable candidates for your car dealership begins with effective sourcing. Identifying the best channels to reach potential applicants and using strategies that resonate with the automotive industry can make the recruitment process more efficient and successful.

Screening and Interviewing

Screening and interviewing candidates for roles within your car dealership is a critical phase in hiring. It’s your opportunity to delve deeper into applicants’ qualifications, gauge their fit within your organization, and assess their practical skills.

Hiring and Onboarding

Finding suitable candidates is only part of the recruitment journey in the automotive industry. The following steps, including making the offer and bringing the new employee into your organization, are equally crucial.

Retaining Automotive Talent

The automotive industry is fast-paced and highly competitive. As car dealership business owners and managers, retaining top talent is beneficial and essential for growth and success.

Leveraging Hiring Software

In today's digital age, where every industry continuously evolves, the automotive sector is no exception. Car dealerships face the unique challenge of marrying the age-old tradition of face-to-face sales with the rapid technological advancements reshaping the employment landscape. This is where the power of hiring software comes into play.

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