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New Employee Orientation Toolkit

New Employee Orientation Toolkit

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New Employee Orientation Toolkit Ebook

What’s inside:

Orientation vs. Onboarding

Understand the nuanced differences between welcoming newcomers and integrating them into your team effectively and efficiently.

Program Design Tips

Master the art of crafting a successful orientation program with strategies and recommendations that enhance employee engagement.

Onboarding Schedule

Dive into a detailed guide on the pivotal first steps and impressions, ensuring a smooth transition for every new hire.

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Table of Contents

New Employee Orientation Overview

After successfully making a hiring decision, you must ensure your new hire feels welcome and committed to staying with your company for the long haul. The process of orientation and onboarding is the first step toward securing a lasting employment relationship.

Orientation vs. Onboarding

Orientation, and onboarding together are what truly make for a successful acclimation process. Orientation is more administrative and typically involves completing new hire paperwork, enrolling new hires in benefit plans, and setting the new employee up on the company's payroll. Onboarding, however, has a long-term focus.

Program Design Tips

When creating your orientation and onboarding program, it's vital to incorporate your company's culture. In addition to critical components such as consistency, managerial involvement, and ongoing focus, you should think about ways to get across important information in a relatively fun and digestible manner.

Onboarding Schedule: Preparation

If you want to set up an onboarding program that sticks, it's important to follow a schedule. Here you can find are some guidelines for making the process continuous.

Onboarding Schedule: Upon Employee Arrival

Upon the employee's arrival, greet them appropriately and show them to their workspace. Their work area should be adequately equipped and should include the printed schedule of the day's activities.

Orientation Follow-Up

Regular meetings between the new employee and their manager are critical. Even after a month or two on the job, the employee is still considered new and learning. Here you can find what this meeting should cover.

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