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Hiring Playbook

7-Step Hiring Playbook™

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Hiring Playbook

What’s inside:

Streamlining Your Hiring Process

Learn how to save time and reduce stress by creating a clear and efficient hiring process.

Writing Effective Job Descriptions

Discover how to write job descriptions that attract top talent and accurately reflect the skills and experience required for the position.

Conducting Effective Interviews

Master the art of conducting effective interviews that help you identify the best candidates for the job and avoid common hiring pitfalls.

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Table of Contents

Building the Job Posting

Provide guidance on how to write job postings that attract the right candidates for your open positions.


Learn how to attract candidates through various channels like advertising, job postings, referrals, and other recruitment methods.

Initial Application

Learn about creating a streamlined and effective initial application process to save time and effort in the hiring process.

Personality Profile

A personality profile can help you better understand a candidate's traits, values, and behavior to determine if they are a good fit for the job and company culture.

Screening Interview

The screening interview chapter of the ebook would likely cover best practices for conducting initial interviews with candidates to determine if they meet the necessary qualifications for the job.

Skills Interview

A skills interview is a crucial step in the hiring process where the candidate's skills and abilities are evaluated to determine if they are a good fit for the position.

Scorecard Interview/Offer

In the Scorecard Interview/Offer chapter of the ebook, you could provide guidance on how to evaluate candidates and make a job offer based on the hiring criteria and the results of the screening and skills interviews.

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