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Discipline Toolkit

Discipline Toolkit

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What’s inside:

Progressive Discipline

Provides an overview of the progressive discipline model, along with tips and strategies for effectively implementing it in your organization to address employee misconduct and performance issues.

Conducting Investigations

The importance of conducting fair and impartial investigations into employee misconduct allegations, and provide guidance on how to conduct effective investigations while minimizing legal and reputational risks.

Termination and Separation

Covers the key considerations and best practices for terminating employees, including developing termination policies and procedures, conducting termination meetings, and providing appropriate post-termination support.

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Table of Contents

Discipline Overview

The discipline overview chapter provides a general introduction to disciplinary actions and their importance in maintaining a healthy work environment.

Disciplinary Action Policies

The disciplinary action policies chapter discusses the importance of having clear policies in place and how to create effective disciplinary policies for the workplace.

Types of Disciplinary Action

The types of disciplinary action chapter covers the different levels of disciplinary action, including verbal warnings, written warnings, suspensions, and terminations, and how to determine which level of action is appropriate for the situation.

Evaluating Disciplinary Situations

The evaluating disciplinary situations chapter discusses the factors that should be taken into consideration when deciding on the appropriate disciplinary action to take, including the severity of the offense and the employee's past performance.

Administering Discipline

Provides a comprehensive guide on the implementation of disciplinary actions and the communication involved in the process.

Workplace Investigations

The workplace investigations chapter covers the importance of conducting thorough investigations, the steps involved in conducting an investigation, and how to document the process.

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