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Crazy Frog Pest Control

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Crazy Frog Pest Control

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more employee engagement


time saved on prospecting for new recruits


increase in applicant interviews

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Crazy Frog Pest Control was created in Boise, Idaho. Over the years, the Company has grown into multiple offices, adding Seattle and Tri-Cities locations. With VIVAHR, Crazy Frog Pest Control could target their job postings to qualified candidates and eventually find the employees they were looking for. VIVAHR helped them save time and money, and their business has been thriving.


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Boise, Idaho

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Key Takeaways
3x more employee engagement
5x increase in applicant interviews
60% time saved on prospecting for new recruits


Life before VIVAHR – the challenges

Crazy Frog Pest Control had been struggling with hiring for several months. They didn’t have a great process to find candidates, and when they did, they could never get a hold of them. The company had been using an online job board to post their open positions, but most applicants were either unqualified or uninterested in the position. They were spending too much time sifting through resumes and not enough time talking to candidates. In addition, the job board was expensive, and the company was not getting much return on its investment.


Life with VIVAHR – the solutions

They utilized the custom pipelines and triggers to automatically move applicants through each stage of the hiring process, which saved them a lot of time and money. As a result, they could hire qualified candidates much faster, and their employee turnover rate decreased significantly.


Qualified applicants gained with a decrease in turnover – the results

Crazy Frog Pest Control was able to find top candidates for their open positions, and as a result, they have seen a decrease in employee turnover. The company can now focus on providing the best possible service to its customers and growing its business.

Crazy Frog Pest Control

We’ve been able to decrease employee turnover by hiring only the most qualified candidates.

Mike S.

Owner at Crazy Frog Pest Control

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