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Sales & Support: +1 (480) 360-6463
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Bonding Solutions decreased hiring time
by 50%

Learn how an HR team of one decreased hiring time by 50% with VIVAHR.

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Bonding Solutions

Success Metrics: Real results happen with VIVAHR


improvement of the number of candidates within the first 7 days.


reduction in the cost of posting a single job compared to sponsoring with job boards.


days to fill a critical role than has previously been 30+ days

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Bonding Solution is a surety agency located in Mesa, Arizona. As a growing business, hiring velocity is a critical component to providing exceptional customer care. With VIVAHR’s go-to-market solution, Bonding Solutions leadership team scaled processes for prospecting, interviewing, communicating, and hiring without the need to add anyone to their hiring team.


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Mesa, Arizona

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Key Takeaways
230% improvement of candidates who applied and were qualified for their role
78% less money to post a job and get better results
1/3 of the time to find the right candidate and begin onboarding new employee


Life before VIVAHR – the challenges

Bonding Solutions depended on premium job postings with a variety of job boards. Their hiring process was reactive to the hiring pressures at the moment. Because there is no dedicated HR role, they had never previously considered using an ATS for small businesses.

Keeping the candidates organized was usually the responsibility of whoever posted the job. Without an ATS there was zero team collaboration, note taking, or ability to keep candidate scorecards.


Life with VIVAHR – the solutions

After implementing VIVAHR, Bonding Solutions saw a massive improvement in the number of candidates they could attract. Within the first seven days of using the platform, they saw a significant increase in the number of applications they received. This was a direct result of VIVAHR’s ability to connect with a larger talent pool and identify candidates that best-matched Bonding Solutions’ open positions. In addition, the quality of candidates improved, as VIVAHR’s screening process helped filter out those not a good fit for the company. As a result, Bonding Solutions could quickly fill their open positions with high-quality candidates, thanks to VIVAHR.


More applicants gained with less time wasted – the results

VIVAHR is an applicant tracking system that helped Bonding Solutions save money and decrease the time it took to hire a new employee. The software was affordable and allowed the company to quickly post job openings, search for qualified candidates, and track the progress of each applicant. VIVAHR also enabled Bonding Solutions to communicate with applicants through the system, saving time and improving the hiring process’s quality. As a result, VIVAHR was a valuable tool that helped Bonding Solutions strengthen its bottom line.

Bonding Solutions

The software just works! We loaded in our job description, one click, and candidates appeared that same day.

Taylor Wilstead

Owner at Bonding Solutions

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