Sales & Support: +1 (480) 360-6463
Sales & Support: +1 (480) 360-6463
Autopilot Success

Hiring on Demand!

Your dedicated hiring team in just a couple clicks.

VIVAHR Autopilot is a comprehensive hiring service to tackle the hiring tasks you are too busy to worry about. No more expensive recruiter fees, no more scanning hundreds of non-relevant resumes.

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Finally, the way hiring should be

Autopilot Success
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Meet Hiring Manager
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Approve Your Job
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Receive Candidates

All Plans Include

Autopilot Success
Unlimited Job
Posting Requests
Submit as many job posting requests as positions you need to fill. We work on your job posting requests as they come in.
Autopilot Success
We don’t stop finding candidates until you’re happy. Based on hiring velocity, we will send you the candidates who fit best.
Autopilot Success
No matter where you’re hiring in the United States, we can support your hiring growth.
Autopilot Success
Have the freedom to scale and grow your hiring process. We know your needs will change.
Autopilot Success
We understand that hiring is a top priority. We created a system that provides consistent and qualified candidates 2X faster than average.
Autopilot Success
Dedicated Hiring
Your VIVAHR Autopilot Hiring Manager focuses on making sure your organization gets the most out of Hiring Autopilot to deliver qualified, consistent candidates.
Autopilot Success
Candidates are screened to help you spend more time on the best prospects. Don’t get distracted with the wrong fit.
Autopilot Success
Delivered to Your
Communication with your hiring manager will be based on what’s best for you. SMS, email, project management tool…it’s your call.

What we can & can not do

What we can do:

Post to Job Boards

Write Job Ads

Optimize Job Postings

Monitor Job Postings

Review Resumes

Refresh Job Postings

A/B Testing

Create Career Page

Screen Applicants

Pre-employment Checks

Schedule On-site Interviews

Create Job Scorecard

Skill Assessments

Culture Branding

Interview Guides

Competitive Analysis

What we can not do:

Make Job Offers

Final Interviews

Call References

HR Policy & Procedures

Independent Contractor Hiring

MLM Recruiting

Cold Talent Search

Employement Guarantees

How it works

Autopilot Success

Request a job

Start by filling out a simple form to help our team understand your hiring needs.

Only takes a few minutes

Captures your brand and job description

Unlimited job requests

What type of job can I request?

We’ve built a team aiming to provide just about any type of job your company is looking to hire.

What details do I need to provide to start a job?

Our hiring managers have expertise in creating a job posting that will attract the most qualified candidates. We will need only the most vital information you seek when it comes to your job description.

What if I don't kow what to put in my job request?

Don’t worry! There probably isn’t a job on the market that our research team hasn’t seen. We have a library of templates started for your next great hire.

How many jobs can I request at once?

You’re free to add an unlimited number of jobs to our job request queue. Our team works on them as they come in.

What about multiple hires per job title?

The more, the better! We want you to hire as many people as you need. There is no limit on the number of hires.

Autopilot Success

Meet Your Hiring Manager

Work with professional hiring team members who will work with you to build a great hiring strategy and attract the right candidates.

Various communication channels

Access to industry specialists

Expert interview guidance

How do I chat with my hiring manager?

Once you’re set up in our system, you will be able to contact your hiring expert anytime through email or chat.

Do I always work with the same hiring manager?

You will have a designated hiring manager assigned to your account, but you will have access to our entire hiring team once your an Autopilot client.

What if my hiring manager is not giving me the right experience?

We are here to help you achieve your hiring goals in the easiest and most efficient way possible. We look to match you with one of our hiring managers that’s an expert in your industry. You can always request a new hiring manager that fits your company’s needs.

Autopilot Success

Approve Your Job Postings

Your job postings will be professionally written and custom to your brand to help you attract the best applicants. You get the final say!

Professionally written job postings

Tailored to your company culture

Unlimited edits

When should I expect my first draft?

Most job postings are live between 24-48 business hours from their start date.

All turnaround times are based on the complexity of the position. You will get an anticipated due date on all the projects in your Design Queue for your convenience.

How many revisions can I ask for?

Unlimited! We work on your job postings until you’re happy. We’re in the business of finding good, quality candidates.

How long does it take to write my job posting?

We do our best to knock out revisions the same day or within 24 hours. If the revision is placed with ample time in our workday, you can bet on the same day.

Autopilot Success

Access Your Candidates

Get real-time access to all of the candidates as they’re applying. Once your hiring teammate screens the candidates, you’ll be notified of who the top applicants are.

Easily access on your device of choice

Team collaboration

View candidates overall rating

How will I see my candidates?

Your hiring manager will send you specific links for the candidates through various channels who have been pre-qualified and meet your job requirements. Currently, we use email, Slack, and SMS as our communication channels.

Can I see all applicants for each position?

Yes! With every account, you’ll have access to view your hiring dashboard. Inside, you can view all job details, including all the applicants for your jobs.

How can I see the activity for each candidate?
Inside your VIVAHR account, you’ll be able to see every candidate who has applied to your job. When you click on the candidate details, there will be a log of activity from your VIVAHR hiring manager.

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Autopilot Success

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarentee

Try any of our services risk-free. Love the service or get a full refund within our extended 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

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