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Social Media for Hiring

Monday, March 6th, 2017

Many of us remember the days before social media. It was a lot harder to get the word out about anything, from protest marches to baby showers. Now, with massive personal networks at our fingertips, we can share information with a lot of people in a short amount of time. This is especially true for employers. There is a massive audience out there, just waiting to know more about your organization. However, that doesn’t mean that social media networking is a short-term strategy that happens with a snap of your fingers.

Social media matters for hiring for two reasons.

First, if no one knows you exist, you will have a harder time getting attention when recruiting.

Second, when it comes time to post a job, you want that posting to get to the top of as many feeds as possible.

If the demand is people browsing content on their Facebook feed, the supply is you and about million other individuals and organizations. It takes time and expertise to get into those feeds, to get followers and likes. Follow these steps to get started on your social media strategy.

Start posting.

Get onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. There are a few others, but these are the heavy hitters. Your posts should be engaging, informative, and eye-catching. Use videos and good photos. Make the wording short and concise.

This post by Nissan is great. A few words, a high-quality photo, good product placement.

This post from a local Italian restaurant isn’t so good. The image is grainy and lacks color. It would likely get scanned right over.


The content of your posts for job candidate engagement should be about your employees, the activities you do together, the good works you participate in, and other general indicators of your culture. Casual photos are fun, and if you can hire a professional photographer for the bigger events, even better. Good photos pay off. You can use them over and over throughout the year.

Check Analytics.

Most social media platforms have a way to check how well your posts are doing. It’s easy to check likes or follows, those are the best feedback possible. But, you will want to know how many people viewed the post, how many clicked into it, how long they were there, and other important data points. If your post was a stinker, learn from it. Find the posts that work best and try to figure out what people liked about them. Replicate that and build on it.


Facebook is your most powerful tool, with 1.86 billion active users. And they know it too. They offer many tools for boosting your visibility across the platform. Whether you pay a few bucks a day for focused ad campaigns, or pay for post boosting, it’s a great way to get seen. The more people that see you, the more likes and followers you will get. Followers means that you have a nice link to that person until they unlink themselves. It’s a big deal.


Try a giveaway or publicity campaign to get more likes. Offer tickets to come see an expert in your field speak, in exchange for liking and sharing your page. Put together a package in the theme of your company and offer it for a giveaway, again, in exchange for sharing and liking. You may have people like your page until the giveaway is over, then unlike it, but many of them won’t. If done right, it can bring exponential coverage and awareness of your brand.

Use Your Employees.

Ask your employees to re-post or share your company posts occasionally on their personal pages. If your posts are good and engaging, they won’t mind. They will be proud of the company they work for and be willing to share it to get peer approval, which is important to millennials and others. Some good photos of your relief trip to a hurricane-effected area will spread like crazy, if your employees are willing to participate.


Social media acts like a fire. It starts with a little flame, and with some encouragement, it spreads until it’s a huge wildfire. But your content has to be good. Bad content means no one will pay any attention to you and worse, the people who are following you will go out of their way to un-follow you. Also, using the many tools that all the platforms have to offer is essential to your social media strategy success.