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Hiring Software For Franchises – How To Hire and Recruit

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

Franchise Hiring Software – Recruiting The Best Applicants

When running a franchise, one of the biggest risks is the people-side of your business.   The reason an entrepreneur may chose to open a franchise is because of the low-risk success formula already proven.  However, when staffing and hiring for your new franchise, hiring the right people can make the biggest difference in success or failure.

Hiring the right talent will increase the level of productivity within the walls of your business.  It is important to set a tone for how the company will operate and what is expected from its staff.  Chances of your franchise running smoothly directly increase with higher caliber individuals working for you.  It’s not impossible to find great employees, it’s knowing how to hire and recruit to ensure you don’t make some pivotal pitfalls.

Here are 3 tips to help you ensure your recruiting and hiring the best candidates for your franchise:

Hire Experience over Potential

Finding a candidate who is likable, has a great personality and shows promise is a common start of hiring the wrong person.  Don’t get me wrong, having those traits are fantastic, but it is not necessarily a recipe for success.  One of the best ways to predict the future is to look at the past.  Your best hires will come from proven experience you can visualize them doing for you.  If you find yourself debating between two great candidates, I recommend going with the candidate who can show a history of experience.  There is a reason why when an NFL QB goes down on injury the team doesn’t always just throw in the rookie to take over.  The team will almost always find a free agent with experience to come in and take over.   The experience is vital to success.  Surround yourself with a nice blend of employees who have ‘been there, done that’ and employees who can learn from their leadership and experience.


Franchise Hiring Mentors

Within your franchise, most certainly fellow franchisees have run into the common hiring problems as well.  It will pay dividends to find key contacts inside your franchise to help you navigate this process.  If your franchise requires you to hire for special skill sets that are often times difficult to find, reach out to those who have done it in the past.  No sense in reinventing the hiring wheel if someone already has it.


Build your Franchise Hiring Playbook

You will never find a local or professional sports coach without a playbook.  Playbooks are a set of plays that help you remember what you have practiced, easily remind you of your strategy when you need it most.  Creating a hiring playbook can be essential to your franchise always having a bench full of great potential employees.

After you have hired a few employees for your franchise, be sure to record the process.  What were some of the sources locally you used to promote you were hiring (we recommend  Note down your best interviews.  What types of questions did you ask?  How many reference calls did you make.  After a few months or years, be sure to note down who your A-Players have been.  Build a plan to find more candidates that fit the A-Player success.


Franchise hiring software like VIVAHR can be instrumental in your hiring success.  We have been helping growing franchisees with their hiring by helping them leverage the power of an ATS that grows with them.  VIVAHR’s software allows franchisees to post their jobs, have them syndicated out to all the major job boards, while allowing them to track and manage all their applicants in one centralized location.  Keeping all of your candidates in a centralized hiring software can help you eliminate many hiring pitfalls.  For any questions or to request a free demo, feel free to contact us.

Happy hiring!


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