Account Manager Job Description

Account Manager Job DescriptionAccount Manager Job Overview

Our company is looking for a professional Account Manager to nurture and build relationships with our customers.  It is important to the success of our customers when their account manager is great at executing project on-time and continually following through on communication.

You will be responsible for working with key decision makers, executives and stakeholders on a continual basis.  Your communication between them and our company is crucial to maintaining the highest level of satisfaction.

Account Manager Responsibilities

  • Clearly communicate project requirements, progress and expectations between client and team members
  • Directing efficient and successful delivery of our solutions according to the project scope and requirements
  • Act as an advisor with your customers to coach them and educate them on our top services
  • Deliver presentations to customers reporting on progress and completion of project
  • Training peers and co-working of effective tools and communication patterns
  • Analyzing customer retention rates

Requirements for Account Manager

There are many soft skills needed for the Account Manager role, however here are a list of must-haves:

  • Professional communication style
  • Marketing experience
  • Sales experience
  • Experience in project management or previous Account Manager roles
  • Excellent listening and resolution skills
  • The ability to work with people in high-stress situations and continue to perform
  • The ability to work with a team and take on tasks as needed
  • High school diploma with Bachelors degree in similar industry