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"VIVAHR streamlines the hiring process and simplfies the Applicant Tracking System, so that recruiters and hiring managers can focus on what truly matters"
Angela Sterling
Director of Recruiting


VIVAHR is the only applicant tracking system on the market that provides your HR team with the tools to make them recruitment marketing experts. Automatically post your job to free job posting sites and leverage the power of culture marketing, while improving hiring efficiency and efficacy. Use our free ATS to track and manage each candidate. With a full suite of ATS integrations, sync with your favorite tools to add automation to your hiring process.


Recruitment Marketing Tools

With VIVAHR, it’s possible to build culture profiles for each position you are seeking to fill. Building a “hiring brand” is essential today, making it possible to attract those A-players.

Increase Recruiting Productivity

Improve Conversion Rates

Customize Every Step



Build a unique culture profile for each position

For some companies, each team within the company has a unique culture. For instance, your sales team might have a whole different value system and atmosphere than your accounting team. Let VIVAHR help you customize your team cultures to give your candidates the best possible perspective.


Track Your Applicants Using Our Free ATS Software

Communicate and collaborate with your entire hiring team seamlessly and instantly. Get an overview in a snap, review and evaluate easily while your team does the same. Get out of the Excel trap and manage unlimited candidates with ease. Our pipeline makes it possible to keep track and never lose a candidate in the hiring shuffle.

All candidates are tagged with the correct source from where they found your job ad. Get smart insights with the VIVAHR ATS to where your recruiting priorities should be.


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Post Like A Pro
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Hunt For The Best

Publish Jobs Online

When you have crafted your job position, including your custom culture profile, publish your job to multiple premium job boards. With VIVAHR, it’s easy to boost your job posting for maximum visibility online.

Resume Upload

Your candidates can upload their resumes directly into your database, giving you a prime starting point for future interviews and assessments. Anyone who has been given user access can view this resume.

Email Templates

Choose from several email templates for your most common candidate communications. Customize your templates or just use ours. Instead of spending time crafting that perfect email, now you can spend more time doing your most impactful hiring tasks.

Interview Process

Interviewing candidates is stressful, for you and the candidate. Make sure you get the most out of every interaction with VIVAHR. Take notes, assign team members to the hiring squad, and keep track of where you are in the process of hiring each candidate.

Team Collaboration

Many hands make light work. Gather your team of professionals and experts and get their weigh-in. It’s never been easier with VIVAHR. Your team can work together to create an overall rating, something you can refer back to again and again throughout the hiring process.

Custom Scorecards

Different companies have different metrics, and sometimes those metrics vary by position. With VIVAHR’s custom scorecards, choose the qualifiers that you are most interested in. Your team can vote, giving the candidate a comprehensive and highly relevant score.

Happy Customers

See what our customers say about us

The best recruiting platform on the market! Viva HR allowed us to create a dashboard and applicant experience like no other! It is a direct reflection of our company, core values, and culture. The ease of use helped us create jobs and send them to multiple job boards, along with being able filter the candidates quickly and efficiently. I absolutely love it!

--- Joshua F, Redline Electric & Solar

Great ATS for Recruiters. VivaHR provides a visually appealing, easy to use platform for recruiters. I am able to view resumes of candidates and share them with my clients to receive immediate feedback. It also allows me to display open jobs throw my company's website and posts open jobs on national job boards.

--- Denise R. N. CEO/Owner Staffing and Recruiting.

I love how easy it is to use. There is a simple process to post a job. I like the features of tracking each applicant source so I know what's working, and most importantly, what's not working.
The candidate experience has been our biggest difference since switching. We had a long application process which lost a lot of applicants. Our conversion rate is much higher with VIVAHR without compromising the features we needed.

--- Kathy B, Human Resources Director

Allows us to reach multiple platforms for jobs seamlessly and produces higher qualified candidates. Staff are great and helpful - perfect customer service. Software is easy to use!

--- Thomas B, Executive Director.

I like the ability to post directly to job boards from this ATS. I also like the ability to add questions for each job that I post. This systems offers a lot of options.

--- Rita B, Managing Partner Recruiting Services

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