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4 Company Culture Hacks To Boost Engagement in 2017

Friday, January 13th, 2017

Company Culture Tips


Company culture is viewed by Gen Xers and Baby Boomers as Ping Pong, free food, bean bag chairs and a bunch of lazy Millennials complaining about work. Well, hate to break it to you, but company culture is something much deeper to Millennials.

The Phrase company culture has been quite the buzzword in 2016 and tends to be a very elusive phrase. I would submit that company culture is actually very easy to describe. It consists of 3 questions that need to be explained, 1- Who you are, 2- What do you do 3- Why do you do it. Your core values and mission underlie these three components. Culture is a very real representation of environment one can experience inside your office.

Enhancing your company culture is not as hard as you might think. Here are four hacks you can implement into your office asap to increase the environment of your workplace.

1- Weekly Team Lunches (outside the office) are great ways to break up the mundane tasks the team will be engaged with and help recalibrate the mood. Lunch does not have to be paid for by the company, although that’d be nice, it’s organized as a bonding time to get to hang out with one another. To get this rolling, create a simple recurring calendar invite to your team members. Get it on the schedule and send out a survey to ask what everyone enjoys to eat. Take turns rotating through everyone’s favorite place to eat.

2- Sports clothes Friday. Let’s be honest, there are some real cray cray crazies about their favorite sports teams. Awesome! Celebrate that! It’s a fun way to create talking points and get personalities to emerge. Encourage everyone to participate by wearing either their favorite team t-shirt or color of their favorite team. Seasonal challenges around playoffs of major sports can be a fun way to bond.

3- InstaChallenge. Find a hashtag for the team to follow and put together a simple scavenger hunt that requires each participant to take a selfie with each find. They post the image to instagram and use the hashtag. It’s a great way to follow your peers on instagram and engage with one another’s posts. Have a prize for the person who completes the challenge first.

4- Team outing. Here in Scottsdale, AZ we have a fun place to golf called TopGolf. It’s essentially a driving range with TVs, music and food. The environment is highly engaging and you can’t help but have a good time hanging out with your team members. These type of activities don’t cost a lot of money, but pay out large dividends.

The friendship and bonding from these type of out-of-office activities last for a long time. Millennials have a high value placed on relationships. Millennials will often care more about how are their team members being treated in the workplace, than themselves. If you want to boost your company culture environment, focus on genuine attention to happiness. Surround your events and focus around engagement.

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